What It Is:

Women of Fantasy Football (WOFF) is an initiative started by us, Club Fantasy FFL, to spotlight women who participate in Fantasy Football, whether as a player or analyst. Hosted by our editor, Faith Enes, and prominent Fantasy Football Analyst, Lauren Carpenter, WOFF became more than just a series of shows to highlight women in the industry. It became a movement. Each year, Joe, Josh, and Ryan hand over the mics to Faith and Lauren as they take over the show and bring on some of the best and brightest female minds in the sports industry.

What It Stands For:

WOFF is simple — promote women in sports. As a Fantasy Football brand, our focus is to encourage women to get involved in playing Fantasy Football. From there, we hope to encourage anyone who has ever had a desire to write or talk about Fantasy Football to do so. Women are just as knowledgeable about football as men and should never be made to feel inferior. If Fantasy Football isn’t their forte, that’s okay too. Women in sports are just as cool as the women who dedicate their craft to making the Fantasy Football world better.

How You Can Help:

During our first WOFF event, we set up a charity drive to raise money for the Women’s Sports Foundation, an organization that has fought for women’s inclusion in sports since their inception in 1974. You can go to womenssportsfoundation.org to learn more about them and what you can do to help this amazing organization.

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