Below are links to each individual podcast we have recorded. Dates and a brief description will follow.

Podcast 29 – (11-28-16) Club Fantasy’s latest podcast! Josh Hudson welcomes The Commish back to discuss Week 12 in the NFL. Weren’t you annoyed by all the goose eggs put up by prominent players this weekend? We have more info for you here! Can you trust Jarvis Landry and Brandin Cooks going forward? What about Gronk? We have answers! Check us out and be sure to follow us for updates and more posts! Don’t be shy about sharing with friends and downloading for later!

Podcast 28 – (11-21-16) Club Fantasy presents their Week 11 podcast, solo style! Commishie is under the weather and binging on the Rocky movies (Happy 40th anniversary!) so The Hudsonian soldiers on to provide you with a recap of all the news from this weekend’s slate of NFL games. And my, were there a slew of injuries to talk about! Green, Luck, Prosise and many more! Plus, a little round of buy/sell. What to make of performances by Jared Cook and Rashad Jennings? Tune in and find out! Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Instagram (@ClubFantasyFFL) for highlights, breaking news, Confidence Plays and some Daily Fantasy knowledge! We would also like to send a huge shoutout to Kat Colón for all her help in making our Instagram page so much more attractive. I guess a woman’s touch is all anything needs to look great. Thanks for the listening! Now share with your friends!

Podcast 27 – (11-14-16) Your Week 10 recap podcast from #ClubFantasy is here! The Hudsonian and The Commish recap the big stories and provide analysis on how you should proceed going forward. Russell Wilson top 10 going forward? What about top 5? Is C.J. Prosise worth a pickup? How do you respond to Alshon Jeffrey’s suspension? We have the answers! Give us a listen or download us for later! Share with friends and let everyone you stand with Club Fantasy! Give us a follow and be sure to follow us across social media @ClubFantasyFFL! Thanks for the support!

Podcast 26 – (11-7-16) The latest podcast from Club Fantasy is here! We recap the Week 9 action and play a little round of buy or sell. The Hudsonian and The Commish welcome Richey back to help us highlight some potential trade targets as you approach your fantasy playoffs! Find out where Melvin Gordon, Christine Michael, T.Y. Hilton and Larry Fitzgerald land on the list! Give us a listen, download for later, but please share with friends and thanks for your support!

Podcast 25 – (11-1-16)  Club Fantasy returns with a Week 8 take! The Hudsonian and The Commish tackle topics from the Week 8 slate of games. Is Russell Wilson droppable? Is Derek Carr a top 6 QB the rest of the way? Is Theo Riddick a top 12 RB going forward? Questions asked and answer in this week’s edition of Club Fantasy! Thanks for listening and be sure to give us a follow!

Podcast 24 – (10-25-16) Club Fantasy returns with their Week 7 edition of the Podcast! The Hudsonian and The Commish (minus Richey) try out a new hard-hitting format that is sure to make you more engaged! It worked for us anyway. Arguments over Jordy Nelson, Matt Forte, Jay Ajayi and more highlight a fun week in the Club. Be sure to check us out, share with your friends, and give us a follow! If we didn’t touch on something you have questions about, hit the comments or find us on Instagram or Twitter (@ClubFantasyFFL)! Thanks for the support!

Podcast 23 – (10-10-16) Another episode of Club Fantasy! This week, we return to our roots. We recap week 5, normal stuff, and even offer up a few pod bets. Will Marcus Mariota score more than 90 points in the next 4 weeks? Who will have more points by season’s end, Brock Osweiler or Sam Bradford? Listen to find out! Not to be outdone, but we brought back The Interview! Guillermo Ospina, aka Mista G aka Ghihuahua and the other half of Category 5, stops by the podcast this week to talk fantasy football, highlighting some of his rather unorthodox strategies and brag about his dominance over The Hudsonian. Yeah, he wishes. Like, listen, share and download for later!

Podcast 22 – (10-3-16) Club Fantasy is back with another one! The Hudsonian, The Commish and Richey recap the week 4 slate of games. Brady returns in week 5, so where does he rank going forward in fantasy? Is DeMarco Murray’s hot start sustainable? Questions asked and answered! Like, share, listen or download! Give us a shout and we’ll even give you props on air next time!

Podcast 21 – (9-26-16) A new episode of the Club Fantasy, Fantasy Football Podcast! Our week 3 recap is here! The Hudsonian, The Commish and Richey himself five into the weekend’s slate of games to put you in the know on players on your fantasy football teams! Richey goes southern with Uncle Odeee and even gives us a damn good Irish accent. He’s good for something at least. Like us, share us, download us and laugh with us!

Podcast 20 – (9-23-16 ) Episode of 20 of the Club Fantasy, Fantasy Football Podcast is here! The Hudsonian, The Commish and Richey himself preview the Week 3 slate of NFL games and give you the most pristine analysis you’ve ever heard. Seriously, we’re that high on ourselves. Like us, share with your friends, even download for later! But most of all, LISTEN!

Podcast 19 – (9-20-16) New Episode, new name! The Club Fantasy, Fantasy Football Podcast everyone! On this week’s episode, The Hudsonian, The Commish and Richey recap the week 2 games and provide some candid observations. The Hudsonian is compared to Ramsey Bolton, #RamseyHudson, The Commish shares his affinity for garbage (time), and Richey tries his hardest to contain Uncle ODee, to no avail. We have it all this week folks! Give us a listen, like us, subscribe to us and share us with your friends!

Podcast 18 – (9-13-16) Week 1 recap everybody! The Hudsonian and The Commish invite Richey back on the podcast to help us dissect some of the NFL’s Week 1 slate of games. All your favorite teams and players, we got them! Give us a listen and see where some of these guys can help or hurt you in future weeks of the upcoming fantasy football season! Listen, Like, subscribe, even download and share with your friends!

Podcast 17 – (9-7-16) We’re back everyone! The Hudsonian and The Commish return after the preseason concludes to recap transactions and injuries, provide a preview for Week One of the NFL Season, and how to prepare you fantasy lineups accordingly. After, we recap the annual Skrip Club draft which took place in Las Vegas over Labor Day Weekend, and The Commish has some harsh words about the draft tactics of a certain individual. And we didn’t forget the interview! You’ve met all the Skrip Clubbers, so how about a new face to the team? Our fresh new look is courtesy of graphic designer extraordinaire, Scott Walker. We let him talk about his work and we try to teach him about fantasy football, to no avail.

Podcast 16 – (8-10-16) This week, The Commish and The Hudsonian dive into new fantasy territory by dedicating the podcast to Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS for you people “in the know.” To help us break into this, we invited special guest podcaster Chris Kelley, from FanDuel, to help us get into the pros and cons of this new realm of fantasy awesomeness. Not to be forgotten, the final member of the Skrip Club, Chad Hoopingarner, finally decided to join us and tell us how we need to be more competitive and inform us to how much we look and act like pussies. Just another day in the Skrip Club folks!

Podcast 15 – (8-2-16) The Commish and The Hudsonian talk draft strategies this week, looking at who to draft and when, how to value certain positions and arguing about all kinds of topics. No interview this week, as the final member of the league came down with the sickness but we power on!

Podcast 14 – (7-26-16) The Commish and The Hudsonian preview their TE Rankings (you may find those listed on our Tumblr page – skripclubradio.tumblr.com) for the upcoming 2016 Fantasy Football season and give you the latest edition of our interview section in the form of Robbie Sell, one of the newest members of the Skrip Club. From the outside looking in to being in the league, Robbie provides some pointed observations into the goings on of the league. You won’t want to miss it!

Podcast 13 – (7-20-16) The Hudsonian and The Commish are back this week with their Running Back rankings! Heading into the 2016 Fantasy Football season, these are names you NEED TO KNOW! We resume our weekly league interviews by bringing on the lone husband-wife duo in the Skrip Club, David and Katie Kuhn! Listen as they relieve embarrassing college stories, taco eating contests and what they love about fantasy football.

Podcast 12 – (7-12-16) On this week’s episode, The Hudsonian and The Commish preview their WR Rankings and start the disagreements at the 3 spot. They just couldn’t help themselves. No guest this week, but listen anyway! You may even like it more.

Podcast 11 – (7-6-16) This week we take time to discuss our QB rankings, which will be up on our Tumblr page soon. As for this week’s interview, we bring back Richey to assist when interviewing the co-host himself, The Hudsonain! There’s even an argument over Robert Griffin III if you can believe that. Give us a listen and follow us on Soundcloud!

Podcast 10 – (6-29-16) Episode 10 of Skrip Club Radio is here! And it’s double-sized! We heap praise on ‪#‎TheU‬, or at least The Hudsonian does. He and The Commish dissect the AFC South this week in our final week of divisional previews! The Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans all have lots of fantasy goodness at their disposal, so listen and learn! Also this week in another Skrip Club guest in the form of Sean Donovan! A 10 year Skrip Club Vet, he gives us one of our best interviews yet and draws you into what life is like in the Skrip Club. If you’re not in love with us yet, this is the week you put on your googly eyes!

Podcast 9 – (6-21-16) Because you love him so much, ‪#‎RicheysBack‬! With a lovely little twist, Richey rejoins the podcast to put The Commish under the microscope in our weekly Skrip Club interview portion. But first, we preview the NFC South and highlight players from the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. See who we like most and who you should be targeting in your upcoming fantasy drafts! Follow us on Soundcloud so you’re caught up on every episode!

Podcast 8 – (6-14-16) We start with reaction to the news over the weekend in Orlando and we just want everyone to ‪#‎PrayForOrlando‬ and show love and support. After, we preview the NFC West and take a look at how players on the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers can help your fantasy teams this upcoming season. Then, The Commish and The Hudsonian interview Leon Brock, from his minivan, while sipping a Kentucky Mule from a SOLO cup. Sometimes the best medicine in the face of tragedy is a good laugh. Give us a listen and let us help with your healing. We love you all!

Podcast 7 – (6-7-16) The Commish and The Hudsonian preview the AFC West and have an exclusive interview with the Skrip Club’s very own Randy Blass! If you love Fantasy Football, you don’t want to miss this! Like the page and more importantly, follow us on SoundCloud and be the first to know when our podcasts are released!

Podcast 6 – (5-31-16) The Commish and The Hudsonian go over the fantasy goodness that lies within the NFC North. The Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears all have players we like, so give a listen and find out who! Also joining the podcast is fellow Skrip Clubber Daniel Hocker to talk about his love for the league, fantasy football, craft beer and how he’s a pretty princess. Yes,‪#‎DansAPrettyPrincess‬. You heard it here first.

Podcast 5 – (5-24-16) The Commish and The Hudsonian welcome Nathan Francis for a fun interview involving Game of Thrones, life in the Skrip Club, and his undying affection for the New York Jets. We also dive into the fantasy outlook for The Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns of the AFC North. An appropriate hashtag this week would have to be ‪#‎getsnipped‬. You’ll understand when you listen.

Podcast 4 – (5-17-16) First it was #FuckRichey. This week, it’s #FuckJullian. John Richey, member of the Skrip Club, joins for an interview not likely to be topped all season. We also preview the NFC East for your upcoming fantasy season. Check it out!

Podcast 3 – (5-13-16) Our latest podcast is jumbo-sized! Technical difficulties last week dictated it to be. We preview the AFC East, analyze the potential keepers from the non-playoff teams of the league, and have an interview with our defending Skrip Club Champion Jillian!

Podcast 2 – (4-25-16) The Commish and The Hudsonian dive into the 2016 NFL Draft and identify potential players for your fantasy squads, some who you want to stay away from, and we layout the keeper format of the Skrip Club and identify value for the 6 playoff teams from last year in the Skrip Club.

Podcast 1 – (4-12-16) Our first podcast. Get tips to win your fantasy football leagues, and how to make yours fun. If it’s more fun than ours, listen anyway and brag about. We encourage it. We talk about our favorite free agent acquisitions of the NFL offseason, and countless other degenerate things.