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Talking Props: Week 10 NFL Player Props

NFL Player Props

Last week was mediocre for NFL Player Props. Injuries and some disappointing team play prevented us from hitting all five props last week. It turns out that the running back theme wasn’t as fun as the quarterback theme. Well, regardless, we are moving onto wide receiver props in Week 10.

I will list five wide receiver props I like this week. The first prop is the one I have the most confidence will hit. Underdog allows you to parlay player props from two to five legs. You can also increase your chances by taking insurance so you could miss up to one leg of your bet, albeit this lowers your payout odds if you hit. As always, feel free to bet along with me, fade me, or just chat about the picks. It’s totally up to you. Anyways, let’s get into it.

Week 10 NFL Player Props

Brandon Aiyuk 55.5 Receiving Yards

Take the HIGHER here. This is a great prop. Aiyuk has hit at least 56 receiving yards in his last four weeks. He’s hit the over on this mark in five of the seven games since Jimmy G took over for the injured Trey Lance. Aiyuk is averaging over seven targets per game in this seven-game stretch too. Those are excellent odds that he can catch five or more balls this week and easily hit the over. The Chargers are in the top half of the league in pass defense, but if Marquise Goodwin can hit the over, so can Brandon Aiyuk.  Take the HIGHER.

CeeDee Lamb 64.5 Receiving Yards

Take the HIGHER here as well. CeeDee has had 68 or more receiving yards in his last three games. He’s averaging nearly eight targets a game in those three games too. Before that, he had hit 75 yards or more in three of the previous four games. Lamb has been quietly averaging 70 yards a game. They take on Green Bay this week, and they have the second-ranked passing defense in the league. They can be beaten by the elite receivers in this league, though (see Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson’s stats against them). Lamb may not be on their level, but he can get 65 yards this game. Take the HIGHER.

JuJu Smith-Schuster 63.5 Receiving Yards

I like the HIGHER here. You know something is up and when to pay attention when I write something good about Juju. He’s had three excellent weeks in a row, hitting over 88 yards in all of them and averaging over eight targets per game. The Chiefs are basically using him like they use Travis Kelce. That’s led to better targets, and it keeps the offense better as a whole. The Chiefs play the Jaguars this week (24th against the pass), and Mecole Hardman is out, so I don’t expect the seven receptions for over 100 yards a game average (in the last three games), to stop. If it does, maybe we will still get lucky and get five for 64. Take the HIGHER.

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Davante Adams 82.5 Receiving Yards

I like the HIGHER here too. Davante has had at least 95 yards in four of his last five games and five of eight games overall. There is no Darren Waller or Hunter Renfrow this week. Odds are that Adams will get another 17 targets and go nuclear. So why isn’t this higher on my confidence list? When the Raiders are bad, they are really bad. In the three games Davante has had under 95 yards, he’s averaged a putrid 17 yards per game. So it’s either really good or really bad for Adams. My money is on really good this week.

Courtland Sutton 4.0 Receptions

We are ending this article with our only LOWER of the week. In the last three weeks, Sutton has only had a total of six receptions. His weekly high in this stretch is a measly three for 23. That was the game without Russell Wilson too. It’s clear he’s fallen out of favor with the wolverine-blooded QB in Denver, as Jeudy has had 16 receptions in the last three weeks, and even rookie Greg Dulcich has had 12 receptions over the previous three weeks. Sutton may have fallen to the third or fourth option for “Let’s Ride” Russell Wilson. This offense isn’t really that good, either. Sure, it can flip on every given week, but I trust Jeudy more at this point. Take the LOWER.

Feel free to bet with me, fade me, or just discuss these picks! Depending on how many bets you make depends on the multiplier. Hitting all five is 20x, While two bets pay 3x. Take your pick. Also, consider insurance if you want. Good luck!

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