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The A List at DFS Academy | NFL DFS Week 10

NFL DFS Week 10

Joe. Freaking. Mixon.

There are some rare moments in fantasy football where the entire fantasy community is fixated on a single player. For example, remember when Alvin Kamara scored six touchdowns on Christmas? 

If you were in on Joe Mixon, you likely had an incredible week, riding his five touchdowns to some fresh cash and some fantasy victories. 

If, however, you were like me and decided he was too expensive to invest in, you likely felt like Squidward watching his friends have fun through the window. 

Squidward Looking Out the Window | Know Your Meme

This comes with the territory in DFS. We have to celebrate the wins and learn from the losses. So whether you won big or barely lost because of Joe Mixon, remember to maintain your process, only making slight tweaks as your bankroll changes. Now is not the time to go all in if you won big last week, nor is it the time to panic if you had a down week. And who knows, maybe you’ll be in on Week 10’s proverbial Joe Mixon.

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Cash is in session.

NFL DFS Week 10

NFL DFS Week 10

NFL DFS Week 10

Teacher’s Pet

Saquon Barkley (DraftKings: $8,600 / FanDuel: $9,500)

I feel like Saquon Barkley ends up in this column at least every other week. The DFS sites just refuse to price him higher. Now he faces a Houston Texans defense that gives up the most points to opposing running backs. What more do I need to say? The Giants are favored by 4.5 points, so expect them to lean on Barkley as they run out the clock. I’ll be looking to fit Barkley in as many lineups as possible.

NFL DFS Week 10

Honor Roll for NFL DFS Week 10

Patrick Mahomes (DraftKings: $7,900 / FanDuel: $8,500)

With Jalen Hurts not on the slate and Josh Allen potentially sidelined, we turn our attention to Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City has the highest implied point total on the slate, sitting at just over 30 points. If they hit that, they will score at least three or four touchdowns, and Mahomes will be a major part of that. Further, he has reached the 300-yard bonus in half of his contests this season. And he has been adding value with his legs when necessary. So take advantage of the value and lock Mahomes into your lineup.

Chris Olave (DraftKings: $6,800 / FanDuel: $7,500)

The New Orleans Saints need a bounce-back performance after that rough showing against the Baltimore Ravens. There is no better way to make that happen than by matching up against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who give up the most points to opposing receivers out of anyone on the slate. Chris Olave also had a sub-par performance in that Baltimore game, but he has been a certified stud throughout the season, so I feel comfortable coming back to the well. 

Stefon Diggs (DraftKings: $8,300 / FanDuel: $9,100)

There are few more desired narratives in fantasy football than a revenge game. That’s precisely what we have this week with Stefon Diggs going against the Minnesota Vikings. And you may be wondering, how does Case Keenum play into this? First, Keenum filled in successfully for Baker Mayfield last season, so I feel confident in his abilities as a backup quarterback. Secondly, this is also a revenge game for him. Plus, the Minnesota Vikings give up the fifth-most points against receivers and have given up major points to opposing number-one receivers throughout the season. 

David Njoku (DraftKings: $4,100 / FanDuel: $5,800)

This isn’t a terribly sexy pick, but David Njoku has been one of the few consistent tight ends in fantasy football. Additionally, the Miami Dolphins give up the third-most points to the tight end position. Njoku has scored double-digit DraftKings points on four occasions, only one of which was done so scoring a touchdown. The volume continues to be there, and the matchup is too spicy to pass.

Editors Note: With Njoku ruled Out, Austin recommends a pivot to…sigh…Cole Kmet.

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NFL DFS Week 10

Check the Chalkboard

Travis Etienne (DraftKings: $7,100 / FanDuel: $8,000)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 10-point underdogs against Kansas City this week, so you may wonder why I’d target Travis Etienne in a negative game script. The simple answer: have you seen him play? Etienne has been incredible over the past several weeks, rushing for over 100 yards in three consecutive weeks. Kansas City has struggled against the run and gives up the second-most points per game to opposing running backs. I expect Etienne also to get more pass-game usage, as Jacksonville will likely play from behind. Lock him in.

Participation Grade

Zay Jones (DraftKings: $4,400 / FanDuel: $5,500)

Again, the Jaguars being underdogs means they will be passing the ball a significant amount. Zay Jones has been a consistent part of the offense, recording five or more targets in six of the eight games he’s played this season. With Kansas City ranking in the bottom 10 against receivers, Jones is a prime candidate to catch a few passes and make his way into the endzone. 

Back of the Classroom Studs for NFL DFS Week 10

Justin Fields (DraftKings: $6,500 / FanDuel: $8,300)

My oh my, Justin Fields has come on in the past couple of weeks. I am so happy to see Fields’ success. He seems like a genuinely good guy that has been through a tough situation with a coaching change in his second NFL season, and I’m thrilled to see his success. 

Despite being the number-one quarterback over the past several weeks, DraftKings still has him priced at only $6,500. And as always, we have our favorable matchup against Detroit, who has given up the third-most points to quarterbacks over the season. Detroit has been better over the past three weeks, giving up the tenth-most points to quarterbacks, but they’re still allowing 20 points per game. So lock in Fields for another big day.

Jamaal Williams (DraftKings: $5,900 / FanDuel: $7,400)

On the flip side, the Chicago Bears struggle at defending the run, giving up the sixth-most points per game to opposing running backs. With D’Andre Swift in and out of the lineup, it’s hard to feel confident rolling with him. But Jamaal Williams has consistently been a part of this offense and is getting the goal-line work. Remember last week when I mentioned the Chicago Bears give up at least one rushing touchdown per game? Similarly, Williams has been averaging a touchdown per game. The only problem with Williams from a DFS perspective is he doesn’t add anything through the air, but he is a good bet for chasing touchdowns.

Jeff Wilson Jr. (DraftKings: $5,500 / FanDuel: $6,500)

The last time I trusted Jeff Wilson, it came back to bite me. But this week I’m riding with him again. It catches my attention when a player comes to a new team and is immediately utilized. Wilson immediately matched Raheem Mostert in rushing attempts and out-targeted Mostert in his first game as a Miami Dolphin. Wilson was also the more efficient back, which should lead to him receiving more carries. 

Now he goes against the Cleveland Browns, who give up the fifth-most points to running backs. And we’ve seen multiple running backs succeed against the Browns, so even if Mostert and Wilson continue an even split, they both should have solid fantasy performances.

Rondale Moore (DraftKings: $5,200 / FanDuel: $5,800)

The return of DeAndre Hopkins and the addition of Robby Anderson did nothing to alter Rondale Moore’s role in this offense. Over the past two weeks, Moore has been a consistent target, totaling 18 targets. Facing a middle-of-the-road Los Angeles Rams defense, I’m looking for Moore to continue racking up the receptions, providing a solid floor, and returning fantasy value.

Greg Dulcich (DraftKings: $3,400 / FanDuel: $5,900)

Greg Dulcich has been one of the most fun fantasy stories of the season. This 2022 tight end draft class was overlooked in many ways, with no clear stars emerging. But Dulcich has shown out for the rookie class over the past three weeks, recording 12 receptions for 182 yards and a touchdown. That’s right, that’s averaging four catches for 60 yards at the tight end position. I’ll take that any day of the week, especially against the Tennessee Titans, who give up the sixth-most points to the tight end position. 

Arizona Cardinals (DraftKings: $2,700 / FanDuel: $4,000)

I’m continuing to target defenses facing struggling offensive lines and mistake-prone quarterbacks. The Los Angeles Rams have been one of the more baffling teams on the season, and much of it begins with their inability to pass protect or to push the line of scrimmage in the run game. I’m counting on the Arizona Cardinals to put pressure on Matthew Stafford (or John Wolford, as Stafford is currently in concussion protocol) and elicit some mistakes. 

New Orleans Saints (DraftKings: $3,500 / FanDuel: $3,900)

I have a similar line of thinking for the New Orleans Saints. I had hoped (and believed) the Pittsburgh Steelers upgraded their offensive line this offseason. But alas, it has continued to struggle, rendering many of the Steelers’ offensive start moot. However, they pose a solid matchup for DFS, as the New Orleans Saints will be looking to bounce back from the loss to the Baltimore Ravens. 

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Report Card

Last week was a tough one, with two players exiting early due to injury. Nonetheless, we managed a B on DraftKings, demonstrating how with Cash, there’s always hope even after a top player leaves the game. We struggled on FanDuel last week, with the touchdown upside failing to come through and a lack of targets for a few of our pass-catching options. On to Week 10.

Scoring System

  • A: Scored over three times their price
  • B: Scored over two times their price
  • C: Matched their price
  • F: Scored lower than their price


Player Price Points Grade
Travis Etienne $6,300 29.6 A
Josh Allen $8,500 26.8 A
Aaron Jones* $7,400 6.5 F
Christian Kirk $5,500 21.6 A
Zach Ertz $5,100 15 B
Justin Herbert $7,200 13.1 C
Isaiah McKenzie $4,900 4.1 F
Raheem Mostert $6,100 8.6 C
Tyler Algeier $5,400 13.3 B
Josh Palmer $5,100 21.6 A
Romeo Doubs* $5,300 2.8 F
Evan Engram $3,300 1.8 F
Carolina Panthers $2,300 -2 F
Green Bay Packers $3,700 3 F
Overall $76,100 165.8 B
Season Long $687,700 1756.52 B

*Left early due to injury


Player Price Points Grade
Travis Etienne $7,600 25.6 A
Josh Allen $9,300 26.8 B
Aaron Jones* $7,800 5.5 F
Christian Kirk $6,300 17.6 B
Zach Ertz $6,600 12.5 C
Justin Herbert $7,800 13.1 C
Isaiah McKenzie $5,500 3.1 F
Raheem Mostert $6,500 8.6 C
Tyler Algeier $6,400 12.8 B
Josh Palmer $6,200 14.6 B
Romeo Doubs* $6,100 2.3 F
Evan Engram $5,200 1.3 F
Carolina Panthers $3,300 -2 F
Green Bay Packers $4,100 3 F
Overall $88,700 144.8 C
Season Long $736,400 1391.22 C

*Left early due to injury

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