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Stream of the Week: QB, TE, and Defense | Week 11 Rankings

Week 11 Defense Rankings

Pardon the brevity of this intro and the article in general. I’m dealing with COVID, but I can’t leave any of you hanging as we fight for playoff spots. Here are the best streaming options from our Week 11 QB, TE, and Defense rankings.

A Quick Note: You will notice that I do not cover Kicker streams. We leave that to the experts, so check out Linda’s rankings.


Week 10 was solid. We remained adequate at quarterback and had another great week at defense. With back-to-back excellent weeks at tight end, we have also jumped into the Top 10 for the season-long rank of my Stream of the Week there, too. Long and short, if you followed my Stream of the Week every week, you built the QB17, TE8, and DEF1 on the year. But I give five picks every week, and the best of those totals out to the QB2, TE1, and DEF1—streaming works.

Last Week SOTWLast Week Best PickSOTW Season AvgBest Pick Season Avg
QB14 fantasy points32 fantasy points17 fantasy points26 fantasy points
TE21 fantasy points21 fantasy points11 fantasy points16 fantasy points
DEF0 fantasy points16 fantasy points12 fantasy points16 fantasy points
Updated thru Week 12

Note: Best Pick is the one of my five picks that scores the most points each week. I might not have called them Stream of the Week, but hopefully, you did!

Week 11 Streams of the Week

Week 11 Defense Rankings


Reminder: All picks were available in over 50% of ESPN leagues after waivers had run on Wednesday.


Stream of the Week – Russell Wilson vs. MIN

It was a little shocking that Russ was available enough to make this article, but after a Week 9 bye and a date with Buffalo in Week 10, managers were scared off. Fix that. He just scored 22 against Buffalo and is averaging 20 points per game over his last three. The Vikings also allow 20 fantasy points per game to QBs this season and have allowed all but one QB they’ve faced to score a TD this year.

Other Options

Tight Ends

Stream of the Week – Logan Thomas vs NYG

While the Giants don’t come off as a great matchup, Thomas scored nine fantasy points on them four weeks ago and did that without scoring a TD. He’s the TE12 on the season, scoring 10 fantasy points per game, on average. Over his last four games, Thomas has seen at least five targets in every contest, and the Giants just gave up four catches, 26 yards, and a TD to Jake Ferguson. That was good enough for 12 fantasy points and a TE6 finish.

Other Options


Stream of the Week – Miami Dolphins vs LV

This game should be a boat race, and that plays to the Miami defense’s favor, especially facing a rookie quarterback. The Raiders won their last two games, but they can’t ride this new coach high forever, and the Dolphins will provide a MUCH larger challenge than the Giants or Jets. The Jets held Las Vegas to 16 points scored with three sacks and two takeaways. That was good enough for a DEF6 finish last week. With Miami coming off a bye, they should be more than ready to beat up on the Raiders, and their three-sack, one-takeaway average should be considered their floor in Week 11.

Other Options

  • Lions vs. CHI
  • Jaguars vs. TEN
  • Vikings @ DEN
  • Seahawks @ LAR

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