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The A List at DFS Academy | NFL DFS Week 6

NFL DFS Week 6

Hello? What? Oh, it’s time for NFL Week 6 in DFS? One moment.

If you’re anything like me and have multiple sports loves, you may have been watching the MLB Divisional Series this week. You may have even had a team playing in the Divisional, like my Atlanta Braves.

The great thing about having a weekly column is I get to write whatever I want in these openers and still provide quality picks to help you cash in DFS. And honestly, I need the W this week after my Atlanta Braves once again got knocked out in the NLDS.

For two years in a row, Atlanta has done something we have all experienced. They had one of the best records. Made the (fantasy) playoffs. Entered as a favorite. Then, for one reason or another, they did not pull out the championship despite being arguably the best team in the league.

The good news for us is that DFS awards us for all of those in-season wins. That’s right; If you cash more weeks than not during the DFS season, you’ve won. You made money. And no one can take that away from you. Well, except for the IRS, if you make too much. But that’s not the point of this column.

So, if you were also absorbed in another sport this week and need a crash course on NFL DFS Week 6, welcome, you’re in good company. 

Cash is in session.

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NFL DFS Week 6

NFL DFS Week 6

Teacher’s Pet

Raheem Mostert (DraftKings: $6,400 / FanDuel: $8,500)

There is a large discrepancy between the two sites this week, with FanDuel pricing Raheem Mostert a full $2,100 more expensive than DraftKings. This is likely because Mostert has less pass-game utilization and more touchdown upside, which often favors FanDuel scoring. That said, he is still playable on both sites, given the absence of De’Von Achane and the incredible matchup against a fledgling Carolina Panthers defense. The Panthers have allowed the second most points to the running back position. With Mostert lined up for at least 20 touches, he will get the volume to more than pay off his salary. 

NFL DFS Week 6

Honor Roll

Kirk Cousins (DraftKings: $7,100 / FanDuel: $8,000)

I most likely am saving money at quarterback this week. Keep reading for my cheap option. But if you’re looking to pay up, consider Kirk Cousins. He is matched up against the Chicago Bears, who are the best matchup for opposing quarterbacks through five weeks. Typically, I would be looking for the running back playing the Bears, but the Vikings run game has been sub-par. Plus, the Vikings are only three-point favorites, suggesting this game will be closer than it should be. Cousins has put up over 250 yards and two touchdowns in four of his five starts this year, providing a safe floor at quarterback. 

Kyren Williams (DraftKings: $6,500 / FanDuel: $8,200)

The Los Angeles Rams match up against an Arizona Cardinals defense that allows the fourth most points to opposing running backs. Kyren Williams’ usage has been somewhat game script-dependent, getting less utilized in negative game script situations. However, they are seven-point favorites this week, so Williams should get plenty of opportunities to run all over the Cardinals. Expect at least 15 to 20 touches and a touchdown as the Rams aim to return to .500. 

Christian Kirk (DraftKings: $5,400 / FanDuel: $6,600)

While injuries may be ransacking your redraft teams, they allow for opportunities in DFS contests. Christian Kirk is the perfect example of this trend. While we hope Zay Jones gets healthy and returns to play quickly, Jones was soaking up targets that Kirk can now capture. The sites have failed to price up Kirk to account for this increased target share, and now he gets a matchup against a bottom-ten Colts defense when it comes to the receiver position. Kirk’s salary means he can have an average day, pay off your Cash lineup, and allow you to spend big elsewhere. 

Dallas Goedert (DraftKings: $4,800 / FanDuel: $6,200)

The Dallas Goedert train snuck up on me this week. I am a notorious hater of the tight end position in fantasy football, so I just assumed the prevailing narrative that the tight end position is trash applied uniformly. Then the Philadelphia Eagles came out and peppered Goedert with targets in the opening drive against the Rams. Since Week 2, Goedert has averaged nearly seven targets per game. Now, he matches up against the New York Jets, who allow just over 17 DraftKings points per game to the position. That’s all I need to jump on the Goedert train. 

NFL DFS Week 6

Check the Chalkboard

Ja’Marr Chase (DraftKings: $8,300 / FanDuel: $9,300)

Can we trust the Bengals again? Honestly, I have no clue. What I do know is that we can trust Ja’Marr Chase. After a slow start to the season, the Bengals finally decided their path to success was featuring their best receiver, whom they drafted over one of the best offensive linemen in the league. What a concept. If only someone else had figured out that strategy before. Jokes and sarcasm aside, Chase has gotten peppered with targets over the past few weeks. While I expect his 50-point Week 5 performance to regress, he is being used plenty to warrant a DFS Cash lineup start, particularly when he is discounted from some of the other top receivers this week. Plus, the Seahawks’ secondary is the best matchup for receivers. Just maybe don’t watch the game if you want to avoid the stress. 

Participation Grade

Logan Thomas (DraftKings: $3,500 / FanDuel: $5,400)

Welcome back to 2020, when Logan Thomas was a Top 5 PPR tight end. Jokes aside, Thomas has been getting a solid amount of utilization after struggling with injuries the past two seasons. And once again, the Atlanta Falcons cannot defend the middle of the field. They are competing with the New York Jets for the best matchup for tight ends. Plus, look at that salary. If you want to pay up for someone like Cooper Kupp, Thomas is your pathway to do so. 

Back of the Classroom Studs

Gardner Minshew (DraftKings: $5,000 / FanDuel: $6,500)

Ah, yes, we have hit the point in the season where we start assessing which backup quarterbacks are getting the start and whether we can play them in Cash. With Gardner Minshew, the answer is almost always yes. He is one of the better backups in the league and gets a solid matchup against a Jacksonville Jaguars defense, allowing over 20 points per game to quarterbacks. If we get 15 points from Minshew, we’re feeling good this week. Plus, we need the salary savings to pay up for Ja’Marr Chase and to roster quality running backs. I would not be surprised if Minshew was the highest-rostered player in 50/50 and double-up contests this week. Lock it in. 

D’Andre Swift (DraftKings: $6,100 / FanDuel: $7,200)

Sometimes, people just need a change of scenery to turn their lives in a new direction. D’Andre Swift has encapsulated this with a stellar showing for the Eagles over the past few weeks. He is getting utilized as a feature back and looks more decisive and explosive than he ever did in Detroit. The Eagles are favored by a touchdown against a New York Jets team that already allows the seventh-most points to the running back position. Once again, we have a player in the $6,000 range getting 15 to 20 opportunities per game. Don’t overthink it. Play D’Andre Swift. 

Alvin Kamara (DraftKings: $6,800 / FanDuel: $7,500)

The New Orleans Saints offense has not been must-see TV this year, but somehow, Alvin Kamara is quickly becoming a lineup lock in fantasy football. Kamara brought in an absurd 13 receptions in his return to play. That’s an optimal outcome for a wide receiver, let alone a running back. And while the efficiency hasn’t been there, he has gotten at least 20 touches in both of his games back. Those numbers are dreamy against a Houston defense that is Top 10 in points allowed to opposing running backs. He’s a little more expensive than the likes of D’Andre Swift and Raheem Mostert, so I may not play Kamara this week, but he is definitely in my player pool.

Drake London (DraftKings: $4,800 / FanDuel: $6,400)

Pulling for an Atlanta Falcons player always feels fraught with peril, given how many times they have failed me. But Drake London is starting to get his rightful utilization, averaging just over seven targets per game since Week 2. The Washington Commanders are allowing the fifth most points to opposing receivers, and Desmond Ridder seems to be gaining confidence in the passing game. Just don’t watch the first quarter. Ridder always has a slow start and then ramps up throughout the game.

K.J. Osborn (DraftKings: $4,400 / $6,200)

Honestly, I’m good with playing either Jordan Addison or K.J. Osborn this week. Picking Osborn is simply a salary consideration. As mentioned earlier, the Chicago Bears are the best defense for opposing quarterbacks, which means they are also an excellent matchup for receivers. With Justin Jefferson out of the lineup, Osborn and Addison are set to step up to the plate. They have the perfect matchup to get up to speed as they seek to replace the irreplaceable. 

New England Patriots (DraftKings: $2,600 / FanDuel: $3,600)

If the New England Patriots do not slow down the opposing team this week, heads are going to roll. Fortunately, the defense has a good matchup this week, with the Raiders coming off a game where they allowed three sacks, one turnover, and scored only 17 points. Expect the Patriots to get after their former backup quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, and provide a safe floor for your DFS defense. 

Houston Texans (DraftKings: $2,900 / FanDuel: $3,700)

We are rolling with the Houston Texans once more. While I think they give up yardage to Alvin Kamara, the Saints’ offensive line has been average, allowing at least two sacks per game over the past few weeks. Expect the Texans to get after the quarterback in what could end up being a sloppy matchup. 

Report Card


Scoring System

  • A: Scored over three times their price
  • B: Scored over two times their price
  • C: Matched their price
  • F: Scored lower than their price
Player Price Points Grade
Bijan Robinson $7,700 12.8 C
Lamar Jackson $7,800 11.94 C
Joe Mixon $6,400 13.4 B
Tyreek Hill $9,000 35.1 A
Justin Jefferson $9,400 5.8 F
David Montgomery $6,600 23.9 A
Calvin Austin $3,500 0 F
C.J. Stroud $6,000 14.16 B
Breece Hall $5,400 31.4 A
Zay Flowers $5,500 12.3 B
Dalton Schultz $3,400 19.5 A
Tyler Higbee $4,100 4 F
Arizona Cardinals $2,800 4 C
Houston Texans $3,500 4 C
Overall $73,400 179.5 B
Season Long $378,100 1,059.26 B


Scoring System

  • A: Scored over two times their price
  • B: Scored over one and a half times their price
  • C: Matched their price
  • F: Scored lower than their price
Player Price Points Grade
Bijan Robinson $8,200 10.8 C
Lamar Jackson $8,400 10.94 C
Joe Mixon $7,000 11.4 B
Tyreek Hill $9,400 28.1 A
Justin Jefferson $9,200 4.3 F
David Montgomery $8,500 19.9 A
Calvin Austin $4,800 0 F
C.J. Stroud $7,200 14.16 B
Breece Hall $6,500 26.9 A
Zay Flowers $5,900 9.8 B
Dalton Schultz $4,900 16 A
Tyler Higbee $5,300 3 F
Arizona Cardinals $3,700 4 C
Houston Texans $3,600 4 C
Overall $84,400 152.5 B
Season Long $445,800 919.76 A

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