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Wide Receiver Matchups | Week 4 Fantasy Football

Week 4 WR Matchups

Welcome to Week 4. How are we feeling? I think this every week, “Last week was insane; how could this week get any crazier?” Yet, somehow, it does. This is why we love fantasy football and why we play it. Now, let’s get to the WR vs. CB matchups I find interesting for Week 4.

Week 4 WR Matchups

Mike Evans vs. New Orleans

I’ll start with my “easy’ set-it-and-forget-it pick, who happens to be Mike Evans. Except this week, he won’t be as productive. I’ll never tell you to sit with someone. However, I will give you some information on this duo that might make you find another player who could see more action. Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans do not get along. This is a known fact, so the possibility of an ejection is always present when the Saints play the Buccaneers. If an ejection doesn’t happen, Lattimore locks Big Mike down every game. If you have been hit by the injury bug, you may not have a better choice to put in, so be prepared. Mike Evans has not had more than 64 yards in a game against the Saints going back to 2019 and has only seen the end zone three times. Lattimore has been brilliant so far this year, and Sunday will be no different.

Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle vs. Buffalo Bills

I know, last week, Miami was amazing, like unbelievable. And I know we all want that again, but they will be playing the Bills. The Bills have only allowed 35 total points to opposing teams through three weeks, and just two touchdowns have ended up in the opposing team’s wide receivers’ hands. Can Hill or Waddle change that this week? We are talking about the best wide receiver duo in the NFL right now. Can the Bills cornerbacks be as good against these two? I think Miami is riding high from last week, and the Bills aren’t going to let 70 points get scored on them. However, I think Hill and Waddle can break these guys.

Tre’Davious White allows a 61% catch rate but only six yards a catch. Meanwhile, on the other side, there is Christian Benford. He is allowing a 66% completion rate but is allowing 15 yards a catch. While the Bills haven’t faced a superior offense yet, they have been excellent against the pass. This week will be different; you can only double-team one of these wide receivers, and the other one will get open and score. If you have Hill or Waddle, I would have no fear of putting them in your lineup. White and Benford have been targeted 24 times in 3 games with 14 catches. I expect McDaniel to do everything to exploit these two and get Hill and or Waddle in the end zone. I do not expect the Bills to just lie down like the Broncos either, meaning if this game stays close, there could be a lot more passes than run plays from both teams.

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