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Wide Receiver Matchups | Week 2 Fantasy Football

Week 2 Wide Receiver Matchups

Week 2 is here! How did week 1 go for you? As always, it was a crazy start to the season. And that’s why we love this sport. I’m writing this article a little early, so please keep an eye on injury reports when they come out on Saturday. Looking at some key injuries that could have an impact this weekend. As it stands, here are the wide receiver matchups I’m watching in Week 2.

Week 2 Wide Receiver Matchups

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin vs. CHI

The first matchup I’m looking at is the Buccaneers against the Bears. The Bears lost Kyler Gordon to a broken hand. This means Greg Stroman will be playing in his place. Stroman has only played one game last season. He allowed a 67% completion rate, with seven yards per completion. Again, it was only one game, though.  This defense, as a whole, allowed Jordan Love to complete 245 yards and three touchdowns. This is really good news for Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, as that defensive backfield will be a jumbled mess. The offense is going to pick on Stroman with both receivers, and either or both can have a big day. With not many other options on offense for the Bucs, these two will both have big workloads on Sunday.

Jahan Dotson and Terry McLaurin vs. DEN

The next matchup I’m looking at is Washinton against Denver. We should see Damarri Mathis face Dotson more, I think, as Patrick Surtain II will be covering McLaurin. Last week, Jacobi Meyers smoked Mathis for 81 yards and two touchdowns, with six targets thrown his way for six completions. While on the other side, Surtain got targeted 0 times and held Davante Adams to 66 yards and 0 touchdowns. As I predicted, they avoided throwing toward Surtain but took complete advantage of Mathis. I expect the same this week, and why wouldn’t they? It’s a cheat code unless Mathis somehow gets a lot better in one week, though I do not expect this. Listen, I’m a Broncos fan, will be at the game, and unless something drastic changes, it’s going to be a repeat of last week.

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