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Wide Receiver Matchups | Week 9 Fantasy Football

Week 9 Wide Receiver Matchups

Week 9 seems to be more like a puzzle than fantasy football. With six teams on a bye week and the many injuries, it can be hard to figure out who to play and who to sit. That’s where Club Fantasy and I, Roxanne, come in. In our newest article, we will take a look at some of the most important and exciting WR vs CB battles each week. We’ll look at matchups to exploit or avoid, focusing on the defense, coverages, and corners a wide receiver might be facing. With that said, here are the wide receivers–and defensive backs–I’m keeping an eye on in Week 9.

Week 9 Wide Receiver Matchups

Davante Adams @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Let’s take a look at Davante Adams this week against the Jaguars. I know last week has you scratching your head.

However, it seems he had the flu and will be good for Week 9. Adams, before Week 8, was averaging 19.65 points a game (PPR). He will be going against Tyson Campbell. Campbell is averaging 5.5 targets a game with a 58% allowed catch rate and a little over 10 yards a catch. This looks like an optimal matchup, with the Raiders coming off a shutout, Darren Waller not 100%, and Mack Hollins coming off an injury. The targets will be there for Adams, who averages almost 10 a game and securing over 50% of them. This is a make-or-break game for the Raiders, and there’s nobody better to lean on than Davante Adams in this position.

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Darnell Mooney vs Miami Dolphins

I know Darnell Mooney is a risk every week. He is very hit-or-miss, with more misses than hits. I expect this week to be another miss.

He has been very frustrating for fantasy managers who just want to plug him into their lineups. In Week 9, he will be going against Xavien Howard, one of the brightest corners in the game. Howard has only allowed 70 total yards and 0 touchdowns in the last two weeks. Mooney has zero touchdowns on the season, and this week will be no different.

With the Bears adding Chase Claypool to this offense, this will take away from Mooney’s targets. I don’t think this will be a significant factor this week, as they will be testing the waters with him in his first week with this offense. However, this is not good news for Mooney, who is already struggling for targets in this offense. I do not think Justin Fields will have a lot of confidence throwing Howard’s way, and if he does, Howard will be ready to shut Mooney down.

Did these wide receiver matchups affect our rankings? See for yourself!

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