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Stream of the Week: QB, TE, and Defense | Week 2 Rankings

Week 2 Defense Rankings

It’s Week 2, and the stream lives on! Week 1 was weird. I’ve been writing about fantasy football for seven years, and I’ve probably written that statement every single season. Sometimes weird works out well for streaming. Sometimes, as you’ll soon see, it does not. But you’re back to check out my Top-5 streaming options at QB, TE, and Defense from our Week 2 rankings. And I appreciate that.

Let’s get to the mea culpa and then the Week 2 picks. Full stream ahead. (There will be plenty of puns each week, that I can promise!)

Quick Reminder: All players listed were available in around 50%, or more, ESPN leagues as of Wednesday morning after waivers had already run.


Remember last week when I said that I have no issue calling out my own mistakes? Here we are. Great week at QB, with Jameis Winston hitting a top-10 finish and three of my five finishing with more than 20 fantasy points. Very bad everywhere else, with only one TE and two DEFs hitting. A quick word on my methodology. I consider a Top-15 finish a win. Why? Because we are waiting until after waivers, and these players are still available in more than half of ESPN fantasy leagues. If they finish in the top half of their position, they put you in a spot to win. Plain and simple.

You’ll also see what I call “My Best of the Bunch” score. Basically, while I am good at finding the sleepers, I’m not always great at placing them as my Stream of the Week. This is what you could score if you pick from my list better than I do. All in all, my goal is 36 fantasy points every week. Last year, the average weekly score of the QB12, TE12, and DEF12 was 35 per week, and we want to beat them. This week, my Streams of the Week scored just 31. Not too bad, but we can do better. The Best of the Bunch dropped 67 points. There’s gold in these streams.

Streams of the Week Recap

Last Week Wins4 of 52 of 52 of 5
Season Wins36 of 8028 of 8047 of 80
SotW - Last Week Rank/ScoreQB7 / 26 fantasy ptsTE47 / 2 fantasy ptsDEF26 / 3 fantasy pts
SotW - Season Rank/ScoreQB8 / 317 fantasy ptsTE19 / 101 fantasy ptsDEF29 / 81 fantasy pts
Best of the Bunch - Season Rank/ScoreQB1 / 478 fantasy ptsTE2 / 221 fantasy ptsDEF1 / 243 fantasy pts
*A win is defined by one of the Streams finishing in the Top 15*
*Best of the Bunch is my best pick each week, regardless if they were SOTW or not*
* Updated thru Week 15*

Week 2 Streams of the Week


Stream of the Week – Matt Ryan @ JAX

Before discussing Matt Ryan, let’s discuss what Jacksonville allowed last week. They allowed Carson Wentz, who appears on this list for the 2nd consecutive week, to drop four touchdowns on his way to a QB3 finish. This is the kind of thing you look for in a stream opponent. Now you have the Colts coming off what has to be one the most disappointing openers of 2022, and they are going to take it out on the Jaguars. Indy doesn’t have all of Washington’s WR talent, but they do have Matt Ryan. The Colts themselves said Ryan is better than Wentz when they swapped those very QBs this offseason. I believe them and think Ryan is good for at least 300 and 3 TDs in Week 2.

Other Options

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Tight End

Stream of the Week – Evan Engram vs IND

On the road to a tie with the Houston Texans, the Colts gave up over 20 fantasy points to the TE position. That includes a two-touchdown game to O.J. Howard. While Evan Engram is hard to trust, he is far more trustworthy than O.J. Howard. At least in fantasy, Howard could be a solid guy in real life. All in all, Houston TEs combined for four catches, 60 yards, and those two touchdowns. Engram played over 70% of the snaps for Jacksonville last week and saw 100% of the TE passing work. Hard to guarantee two TDs, but if he finishes with a 4/60/1 stat line, we’ll all be happy.

Other Options

Wondering how I made some of my decision? Check out our DFS Matchup report. It’s great for Start/Sit decisions, too!


Stream of the Week – Denver Broncos vs HOU

I can’t believe the Broncos were available enough to even be on this list. They opened with Seattle and have Houston in Week 2. They should have been 100% rostered. Yes, the team was disappointing in Week 1, but they still scored five fantasy points. It was not a big enough problem for managers to drop them with the Texans on deck. Unlike last week, this will be a home game for Denver and a road game for the Texans. The Broncos have a good defense and something to prove. We can expect five sacks and two takeaways, at minimum. That will make them a top-10 fantasy defense. If they score on one of those turnovers, they could be the overall DEF1.

A quick note to end the article: You’ll notice the Rams are at the top of the other options list. They should probably be #1, but they had just under 50% availability. They have one of the best defenses in the league, and the fact that they were anywhere near 50% available is a vast overreaction. I love DEN and LAR this week, but Denver fits the streaming criteria better.

Other Options

  • Rams vs ATL
  • Bengals @ DAL
  • Browns vs NYJ
  • Commanders @ DET

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