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They See Me Pollin’ | Battle of the NFL Quarterbacks

They See Me Pollin' Club Fantasy Football

Welcome to They See Me Pollin’ with Women of Fantasy Football and Club Fantasy! I’m your fabulous contributor, Kelly Singh, and you can find me on Twitter @KellyInPhoenix. Each week, I’ll be tweeting out a poll to the fantasy football community in order to get their feelings on various topics. Then, I’ll share the results here in a quick and mildly entertaining wrap-up. Today, we’ve got a special treat… I’m sharing a guest poll about NFL Quarterbacks!

This last week got a little crazy for me, but luckily, I came across this really great poll being shared by my friend, Andrew Hall, on Twitter. As we all know, Aaron Rodgers has decided to remain with the Packers another year. However, things took a turn for the interesting when Green Bay traded wide receiver Davante Adams to the Raiders.

For many people, me included, this actually upped Adams’ value and the value of Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr. The two played together in college, so they have a history. And let’s face it, Carr is hungry to win. This could be an excellent year for the Raiders. But how did the fantasy football community feel about these two prominent NFL Quarterbacks?

NFL Quarterback poll results in a graph.

It appears that we’re pretty well split, but the slight advantage went to Rodgers in this poll. Could there be a more significant number of Packers fans on Twitter? Possibly. But when it comes down to it, both are really outstanding quarterbacks. We’re not talking about dynasty leagues, so age doesn’t necessarily come into play, although Carr is the younger of the two and, at this stage in the trade game, seems to have more available weapons to pass to.

What are your thoughts? Be sure to tweet at me and let me know! See you next week! xo