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They See Me Pollin’ | Crazy NFL Transactions

They See Me Pollin' Club Fantasy Football

Another week, another poll. Welcome to They See Me Pollin’ with Women of Fantasy Football and Club Fantasy! I’m your fabulous contributor, Kelly Singh, and you can find me on Twitter @KellyInPhoenix. Each week, I’ll be tweeting out a poll to the fantasy football community in order to get their feelings on various topics. Then, I’ll share the results here in a quick and mildly entertaining wrap-up! Today, I’m sharing the poll results of the first few crazy NFL transactions that went down last week.

Since last week’s poll, there have been some even bigger trades and breaking news stories. I’ll dig into those later. But, to start, here’s how the fantasy football community on Twitter felt about the crazy NFL transactions that initially transpired.

Poll results of crazy NFL transactions from last week.

An overwhelming majority of you (85%) thought that the Russel Wilson trade to Denver was the craziest thing to happen. Surprisingly, Aaron Rodgers staying in Green Bay took a handful of you by surprise, as did the Mike Williams contract. There wasn’t really anything that came out of the comments on this poll.

Let’s talk about what’s happened since last week.

  • Tom Brady has come out of retirement and will stay with the Bucs another year.
  • The Colts traded Carson Wentz to Washington.
  • Amari Cooper shipped to Cleveland.
  • Chicago sent Khalil Mack to the Chargers.

And today… we’ll see even more with the legal tampering period of the free agency that’s happening as I type this. Can’t wait to see more of these crazy NFL transactions go down!

Did I leave anything out? Be sure to tweet at me and let me know. See you next week! xo