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They See Me Pollin’ | Does Player Age Affect Your Dynasty Football Team?

They See Me Pollin' Club Fantasy Football

Welcome to the very first installment of They See Me Pollin’ with Women of Fantasy Football and Club Fantasy! I’m your fabulous contributor, Kelly Singh, and you can find me on Twitter @KellyInPhoenix. Every week, I’ll be tweeting out a poll to the fantasy football community in order to get their feelings on various topics. Then, I’ll share the results here in a quick and mildly entertaining wrap-up! This week’s topic is player age and dynasty fantasy football teams.

Q: You’re drafting a dynasty fantasy football team. How old is too old? Does the overall median age of your team matter?

The results of this week’s poll surprised me. I keep my ear close to the ground within the fantasy football community on Twitter, and the majority of the chatter seems to lean towards having a younger team being more valuable. Recently, I shared my own most recent startup dynasty roster. I was mildly raked over the coals for my team being fairly “old.” It was this reaction that got me thinking about this poll topic. While mixed, the results show that most of you don’t overthink the age of your dynasty players. That’s actually kind of refreshing!

They See Me Pollin Results



48% of responders said that age doesn’t matter.

32% of responders look at the overall median age of your team.

14% of responders won’t draft a player over the age of 25.

And 6% of responders gave me a mix of other types of explanations in the tweet thread.




The consensus of the “other” answers shared that they didn’t necessarily pay too much attention to the age of their players. Instead, the majority of these voters paid attention to what their players will produce that particular year. Based on the results of this poll, a player can be aged but also still be valuable. There seems to be a fine line between capitalizing on trading an aging player and keeping him on the roster to produce. I would have liked to explore that topic a bit more, so I may end up doing a follow-up topic soon.

So… how did you feel about the results of this poll? Be sure to tweet at me and let me know. See you next week! xo

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