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Oh Captain, My Captain | Week 5 Primetime Showdown | Daily Fantasy

Fantasy Football 2023

This article will differ from many other articles that usually roll chalk in the Captain spot. Remember the hit 90s cartoon Captain Planet? It was the first show to bring saving the environment to the spotlight. The creators wanted the show to focus on teamwork because the superheroes at DC and Marvel were doing most of their good deeds solo at that time. Teamwork will be essential when building your Showdown lineup, but a strong Captain will save the day!

Sunday Night Captain Showdown Optimal Lineup for DraftKings
Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday 7:20 et NBC/Peacock

“Let our powers combine, CAPTAIN, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX, Club Fantasy!”

“With your powers combined, this is- Captain Primetime!!!”

Born from ancient magic powers, drawn straight from the earth. Created by the soul of the earth, Gaia, to fight back against the evildoers that caused harm upon it. Gaia must first locate the five perfect humans that can not only blend in well with those that inhabit the earth but also possess the five rings that would ultimately bring the Captain to life.

The five rings would be:

Earth- Kwame (Ghana)

Has the ability to change the entire landscape in a single move—Stern and dependable, a natural leader that rarely has an off day.

FLEX 1- The player you feel most comfortable with: a low-risk, steady floor. The player you believe has the least possible chance to get you a zero.

Josh Allen $12,400
The Chiefs are the worst defense in the entire league. Allen can hurt them thru the air or with his amazing mobility. My most confident play in this matchup.

Honorable Mention
Tyreek Hill $10,400

Fire- Wheeler (US)

The literal sparkplug of the group. Wheeler controls fire and possesses skills capable of taking over any battle in the blink of an eye. However, his character and behavior can come into question at times, making him the team’s wildcard.

FLEX 2- High Risk/ High Reward Play

Josh Gordon $1,800
I mean… It’s Josh Gordon. Is there a better wildcard in NFL history? Can take over a game in the blink of an eye or succumb to temptation and be suspended before kickoff.

Honorable Mention
Stefon Diggs $8,800

Wind- Linka (Europe)

Linka controls the wind. A quick thinker and can control the wildcard, Wheeler, like no other. 

FLEX 3- Mid-Level play that you could possibly stack with your “Wildcard” FLEX. 

Patrick Mahomes $12,000
This week, we are playing the ultimate wildcard, Josh Gordon. I’m going to pay up for the guy tossing him that pickle. As well as the other potent targets, Hill, Kelce, and CEH.

Honorable Mention
Zack Moss $6,600

Water- Yi (Thailand)

Yi is an eccentric young lady. She is extremely creative in her use of water powers as well as mission and battle ideas.

FLEX- A high-end play that has a less than ideal matchup. However, he has a creditable history of putting up points no matter matchup in any given week.

Travis Kelce $9,200
The Bills only allow 4.0 yards per play. This tells me their cornerbacks can lock down the outside, leaving them possibly vulnerable over the middle.

Honorable Mention
Dawson Knox $6,200

Heart- Mati (Asia)

A caring and loveable person. Mati can control others’ hearts. This allows him to summon animals to be of assistance. Always upbeat and positive.

FLEX- One of the best on the field. No way you can leave them out of your lineup.

Dawson Knox $6,200
Kansas City is giving up 31 points per game. 8.3 YARDS PER PASSING ATTEMPT!! OH, MY LANTA!! Completion percentage of 69%! Knox should have his way with this Chiefs’ LB corps and secondary.

Honorable Mention
Josh Gordon $1,800

Captain “Primetime” Planet

Devin Singletary $7,800

In last week’s 40-0 drumming of the Texans, Zack Moss was the running back that managed to find the endzone while splitting carries with Devin Singletary. So now, Moss steps into the public eye as the running back that the Bills are starting to lean on. However, Devin Singletary had double-digit carriers for the fifth straight game and averaged 5.9 yards per carry. This week, I believe he gets 70% of the touches and makes our Captain not only rare but outstanding in this favorable matchup.

Honorable Mention
Emmanuel Sanders $10,500

Optimal Lineup Recap

  • Captain- Devin Singletary
  • Flex- Josh Allen
  • Flex- Josh Gordon
  • Flex- Patrick Mahomes
  • Flex- Travis Kelce
  • Flex- Dawson Knox

Honorable Mention Lineup

  • Captain – Emmanuel Sanders
  • Flex- Tyreek Hill
  • Flex- Stefon Diggs
  • Flex- Zack Moss
  • Flex- Dawson Knox
  • Flex- Josh Gordon