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Oh Captain, My Captain | Week 4 Primetime Showdown | Daily Fantasy

Fantasy Football 2023

Let’s talk about one of the most infamous pirates ever to sail the seven seas. No, not Captain Mr. Morgan. He was featured last week. Not talking Captain Jack Sparrow either. Let’s talk, Captain Hook.

This week’s Sunday Night Prime Time Captain Showdown on DraftKings is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the New England Patriots. In this article, I will show you the scurvy resemblance between Captain Hook and a coach that was almost forced to walk the plank. With appearances by Peter “Brady” Pan, Mr. SmMac Jones, & Antonio TinkerBrown in this week’s Captain Showdown Lineup!!!

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Untold Story of Captain Bill Billi-“Hook” 

Peter “Brady” Pan, can safely be called the arch-nemesis of Hook. After all, he is the one that fed Hooks hand to an alligator. Ultimately giving the Captain a name, a reputation, as well as motivation to get better, every day in order to try and take down his enemy in Peter. Captain Hook had a rough upbringing. Being bullied and forcing fans to endure a 63-75 Win/Loss record. Leaving the Captain/Coach feeling unwanted and looking for his calling. 

Finding Davey Boys Draft Pick

In the year 2000, as the Captain searched for his soul, a young lad from the University of Michigan fed his hand to an alligator on the 199th day of the 6th low tide. This would ultimately be the beginning of both Captain Bill Billi-“Hook” and Peter Brady Pan’s illustrious stories catapult into the stratosphere! Both stories are yet to have their endings written.

The Final Chapter 

However, the final chapter has begun. Peter Brady Pan has left Neverland and now runs with a crew of Buccaneers in the Tampa area. With Zerena, the magical fairy dust mixing TE, bringing her HOF Mixing powers, as well as TinkerBrown in tow, the waters now run thru Tampa Bay. 

Or is it?

Captain Hook was stranded at sea, all doubting him, nobody giving a chance to ever take back the fame and fortune he found whilst Pan sailed the same sea. 

But then… 

A savior appeared. It was Mr. “SmMac” Jones to rescue him from the treacherous waters! A deckhand that comes to the Bama bloodline, quick release, and makes great decisions under pressure. A lot of the same tools that Brady possesses.  Could he be the missing piece to take back the waters, and bring the spotlight back for Captain Billi-“Hook” ???

Before we find out the next chapter Sunday Night, we better assemble a couple of crews for ourselves. LETS GOOOOO!!!!

Sunday Night Captain Showdown Optimal Lineup for DraftKings
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New England Patriots

Captain- Mac Jones $9,400

If there is a weakness to these pesky Buccaneers it is thru the air. Teams have managed to acclimate 338 yards per game, 48 whopping passing attempts per game, and a completion rate at an astronomical, 72.22%! The Pats lost a crucial weapon on the offensive side of the ball in, James White (this will be brought up again very shortly). However, with the all-world front-7 of the Bucs, it’s likely the check-downs wouldn’t have resulted in much anyway. Leaving Bill Belichick and Mac Jones really only one real option. Stretching the field with the wideouts, while Hunter Henry and Jonuu Smith take up defensive bodies in the middle. I think Mac is a great option in our Captain seat this week.

Honorable Mention Captain- Brandon Bolden $900

As mentioned above the loss of the change of pace back for the Patriots leaves a hole in a crucial part of their offense. White not only is an outstanding pass catcher he is actually one of the best blocking running backs in the league. Yeah, JJ Taylor looked ok, and Stevenson is everyone’s favorite pre-season darling, but neither is likely going to be trusted on 3rd downs, versus one of the best pass rushes in the entire league. I almost put Bolden as my optimal Captain because I like this play so much. However, we rolled with the QB.

Flex Spots

Leonard Fournette $7,600

The Patriots come into this week’s matchup with a run defense in the Bottom 10 of the league. They are allowing 122 yards per game, 142 yards coming last week from the Jamesis Winston-led New Orleans Saints. With the game taking place in Foxboro, I could see him starting sluggishly in the first half but getting stats late 3rd, early 4th quarter.

Antonio Brown $7,000

New England on the stat sheet is one of the league’s best defenses versus the pass. However, that was given the task of stopping Tua, Zach Wilson, and crab fingers. This is Tom Brady. I expect the corners to play decent versus the star wideouts in Evans & Godwin. Leaving Antiono left to run to the open spot on the field.

Brandon Bolden $900

See Honorable Mention Captain

Nelson Agholor $5,600

With Kendrick Bourne banged up, Agholor should see the majority of 2nd wide receiver snaps going up against cornerback, Jamel Dean.

Ryan Succop $3,800

On the road could lead to a few extra field goals and fewer first downs. Like me some Ryan Succop this week.

Optimal Lineup Recap

  • Captain- Mac Jones
  • Flex- Leonard Fournette
  • Flex- Antonio Brown
  • Flex- Brandon Bolden
  • Flex- Nelson Agholor
  • Flex- Ryan Succop

Hinorable Mention Lineup

  • Captain – Brandon Bolden
  • Flex- Chris Godwin $11,200
  • Flex- Ryan Succop $3,800
  • Flex- Tom Brady $12,800
  • Flex- Antonio Brown $7,000
  • Flex- Jakobi Myers $8,400