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Oh Captain, My Captain | Week 3 Primetime Showdown | Daily Fantasy

Fantasy Football 2023

When you hear the name Captain Morgan you probably instantly think of the same thing most do. A posing pirate that is just on the label of some rum.

Sir Henry Morgan might not sound like the prototypical scally-wagging pirate, but he ruthlessly terrorized his enemies, deception being a huge part of his ruling.

Just like Captain Morgan deceiving the Spanish conquistadors by dressing up over 200 troops in nun outfits and gaining their trust before murdering and pillaging them in their sleep, the NFL has been equally as deceptive to begin the season. That’s where we tie in this week’s #OhCaptainMyCaptain matchup. Deception. The first couple of weeks of the NFL & fantasy football season can also be a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

I want you to check out some of these team stats thru the first two weeks:

  • The Las Vegas Raiders & Derek Carr have the best offense in the NFL — averaging 458.0 yards per game.
  • The Minnesota Vikings have the 6th ranked offense in the NFL with 822 total yards in the first two games.
  • Only four teams in the ENTIRE NFL have scored more total points than, oh, this is a good one here. You ready? The HOUSTON TEXANS.
  • The Atlanta Falcons have a better statistically ranked defense than Pittsburgh, Washington, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Seattle, and Baltimore.

Talk about deception. Did anyone reading this have any of those calls before the season started? Personally, I know that these stats were eye-popping at first glance. But it’s only two weeks. Stats can be exaggerated by one good game versus a bad team or terrible in literally the last minutes of a game to go from the top to the bottom.

Speaking of the bottom, let’s take a look at my #OhCaptainMyCaptain lineup for this week’s matchup, Packers vs. Niners.

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Green Bay Packers @ San Fransisco 49ers
Sunday Night, 8:20 EST NBC

Captain- Trey Sermon $4,500

The Elijah Mitchell experiment could be short-lived. After Mitchell managed fewer total yards than Cordarrelle Patterson versus the Eagles on half as many carriers, I BELIEVE IT’S TIME FOR A SERMON! The former Buckeye is supposedly over his concussion and comes back just as Mitchell is listed as Doubtful and Jamycal Hasty is already being ruled Out. That leaves Trey Sermon and my budget play for the week, Trenton Cannon, as the backs to roster in this Kyle Shanahan offense.

Green Bay versus Lions RBs in Week 2

  • 151 yards
  • 5.2 yards per carry

Honorable Mention Captain- Robert Tonyan $10,400

Flex Spots

Flex- Aaron Rodgers $11,800

The Niners sit middle of the pack when it comes to passing yards allowed on defense. However, considering the wide receiver corps and both quarterbacks starting their first and second game with the team, let’s be honest — they should be Top 5.

You have arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the entire league, who just threw for four touchdowns — pay up for Aaron this week.

Flex- Devante Adams- $11,400

Adams caught all but one of his nine targets last week for 121 yards. When Rodgers starts getting into the groove of things as he did last week, this man comes along for the ride!

Flex- George Kittle $8,200

Kittle should see an increased target share versus the Packers, who have outstanding cornerbacks, but can get taken advantage of over the middle. I almost put my guy in that Captain’s seat, so I’m very high on him this week.

Flex- Robert Tonyan $6,800

Flex- Trenton Cannon $2,800

Here is my #HomieHoroscope for Week 3. Is it possible that the Niners won’t work Trey Sermon as much coming back from an injury in favor of the guy that might only be on the roster till a couple of other running backs get healthy? Absolutely. Cannon is a decent pass catcher and has great lateral movement. Maybe this is the week I nail that dollar-saver player.

Optimal Lineup Recap

  • Captain- Trey Sermon
  • Flex- Aaron Rodgers
  • Flex- Davante Adams
  • Flex- George Kittle
  • Flex- Robert Tonyan
  • Flex- Trenton Cannon

Honorable Menton Lineup

  • Captain- Robert Tonyan
  • Flex- Aaron Rodgers
  • Flex- Davante Adams
  • Flex- George Kittle
  • Flex- Brandon Aiyuk
  • Flex- AJ Dillon

Captain Morgan with a Prisoner
By Howard Pyle – Pyle, Howard; Johnson, Merle De Vore (ed) (1921) “Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main” in Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates