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Oh Captain, My Captain | Week 2 Primetime Showdown | Daily Fantasy

Fantasy Football 2023

Sometimes, an imaginary line in an imaginary game can be crossed. This takes them from the land of fantasy, fun, and friends to a world of darkness, seriousness, and sorrow. Well, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the given name: FANTASY Football?

I highly doubt there is some “Fantasy God” out there, collecting FF Infinity Belts for every time a fantasy manager gets beat by an underdog shocking everyone or a .03 loss to Peter in accounting. However, if there is? WE BETTER ASSEMBLE A GROUP FOR WEEK 2!!!

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Thursday Captain Showdown

NY Giants @ Washington Football Team

Captain (1.5x multiplier)

Logan Thomas $11,100

To defeat a Fantasy God, we must assemble a squad unlike any other with the same goal in mind. First, start with the nucleus of our squad. A guy that receives 1.5x more points than the rest of his team.

Washington Football Team managed a measly 133 yards passing in Week 1’s battle versus the Los Angeles Chargers. A big reason is that their QB1, Ryan Fitzpatrick, went down early with an injury. Taylor Heinicke stepped in and delivered the team’s only passing touchdown to who? Yup, Captain Logan.

This week, Washington is at home facing a New York Giants team that just gave up two passing touchdowns and a Quarterback Rating of 119.5 to Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy did whatever he wanted to over the middle of the field and on crossing routes in particular. I really like Logan Thomas being the backbone that every great team and quarterback has to have.

Honorable Mention

Darius Slayton

With no Evan Engram, the middle of the field will be harder to mismatch against the opposing team’s linebackers. That means more nickleback corner coverage on Sterling Shepard, therefore more one-on-one opportunities for Mr. Slayton.

Flex Spots

Daniel Jones $10,400

With possibly no Saquan Barkley and definitely no Evan Engram, Daniel Jones is going to have to step up. I think he does versus a secondary that, if not for some key drops by LA wide receivers, could have been beaten a lot uglier than the scoreboard ended up looking like.

Antonio Gibson $9,600

A weapon that can incapacitate the opponent not only in the blink of an eye but also a dependable piece with minimal downside. The Robin to your Batman…or Captain.

Antonio Gibson had 20 attempts rushing in Week 1 and an additional six catches, leading the team. The New York Giants gave up 28 attempts, 186 yards, and a score versus a rookie and Melvin “Commissioner” Gordon last week.

Gibson has the best floor in this entire matchup. Start him with confidence.

Sterling Shepard $8,000

Darius Slayton $6,600

Kyle Rudolph $3,200

To be honest, having this many Giants in this squad, looking to take down the Mighty Fantasy GOD, makes me…not overly confident. However, considering our other Thursday Night Showdown options, these are the ones that just made the most sense.

Optimal Lineup Recap

  • Captain- Logan Thomas
  • Flex- Daniel Jones
  • Flex- Antonio Gibson
  • Flex- Sterling Shepard
  • Flex- Darius Slayton
  • Flex- Kyle Rudolph

Honorable Mention Lineup

  • Captain- Darius Slayton
  • Flex- Kadarious Toney
  • Flex- Taylor Heinicke
  • Flex- Daniel Jones
  • Flex- Logan Thomas
  • Flex- Terry McLaurin