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Club Fantasy – 2017 NFL Transactions – Bears sign Mike Glennon & Kendall Wright


By The Hudsonian, Joshua Hudson

If you head over to the Club Fantasy Instagram page, you can stay up to speed on all the transactions as they occur, or as fast as my graphic designer can make some bomb ass pictures for you to like. Below you’ll see how I view all of the relevant NFL offseason transactions. I say relevant because, for the purposes of fantasy football, defensive signings don’t impact us as much as the offensive ones. I’ll cover the defensive signings when I do my team-by-team previews later in the summer.

I’ll identify the player, who they signed with or were traded to, and how I think it impacts their fantasy value going into 2017, positive or negative. Next up: Mike Glennon and Kendall Wright sign with Chicago.


The Bears signed former Bucs backup Mike Glennon to be their new QB and then brought in a new target for him in former Titans WR Kendall Wright. Design credit: Kathilia Colón (@katcolon37 on Instagram)

Transaction: Mike Glennon and Kendall Wright sign with the Chicago Bears

Fantasy Outlook: Mike Glennon signing anywhere isn’t exactly cause for excitement. I mean, he hasn’t played any meaningful snaps since 2014. Seriously. So how did he get offered a contract that pays him – on average – $15 million per season? Easy. Brock Osweiler. Well, pre-2016 Brock Osweiler.

Let’s face it, quarterbacks are overpaid. They’re in high demand and when a moderately good one becomes available, they get paid for what a team hopes they’ll do, not what they’ve actually done. To Glennon’s credit, he hasn’t been the worst quarterback to throw a pass in the NFL. He has 30 touchdown passes against 15 interceptions; a 59.4 career completion percentage; and an 84.6 career passer rating. See? Not the worst. Certainly not the best though.

Glennon’s addition gives the Bears someone who throws a pretty solid deep ball. Just imagine if Kevin White could ever get healthy. Teamed with Glennon, maybe they could be a sneaky DFS stack on given weeks. But White has been hurt, a lot, over the last two seasons. That’s where the addition of Kendall Wright comes in.

Wright had a very up and down tenure with the Titans. In his second season, he had 94 receptions for 1,079 yards – the 8th most for a WR in their second season in NFL history, then had only 122 catches in his next three seasons combined. Talk about a roller coaster.

He is a serviceable slot receiver when utilized correctly. If the Bears line up White and recently signed Markus Wheaton on the outside, with Wright in the slot, Glennon should be able to use Wright as one of the best safety blankets in the NFL. I say should because if there’s one flaw in Glennon’s game, it’s in his inability to throw short passes for a high percentage. Remind me again why I thought this was a good signing?

Glennon should only be looked at in 2 QB leagues, or deep leagues with 14-16 teams where backups are crucial. Wright is a deep grab also. Eddie Royal had flashes in the past with the Bears, and it’s likely Wright handles a similar role. There will be weeks in which Wright looks like a WR2. And then most weeks where he should be sitting on waivers. The irony is, he’ll likely be sitting on waivers when those WR2 weeks occur.