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Club Fantasy – We Interrupt this Program with a Special Message – 2016 Week 5


By The Hudsonian, Joshua Hudson

This is usually the time when we at Club Fantasy release our preview of the weekend’s games and start preparing our fun take on Daily Fantasy. But with Hurricane Matthew threatening much of the State of Florida, our home, the Club is boarded up and heading for shelter.

We here at Club Fantasy wanted to offer our sincerest apologies to our dedicated faithful that look forward to our columns, and we know you’re out there. We should be up and running next week with no further issues but for the time being, make sure you follow Richey’s Uncle Odeee on Instagram and Snapchat (@ClubFantasyFFL) for some Daily Fantasy advice and make sure you follow us on Twitter for some updates and fun talks on Sunday Football Day (@ClubFantasyFFL).

Again, we sincerely apologize and we look forward to the weekend games and giving you our recap podcast as scheduled. Enjoy your weekend, Club VIPs! Now go Bounce the Competition!