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Club Fantasy – How to Lose Money Playing Daily Fantasy Football – 2016 Week 4


By The Hudsonian, Joshua Hudson


Sometimes I think I’d be really good at this if I just took my own advice. Here’s an example: I said Jimmy Graham would be a great cheap option last week. He posts 6 catches for 100 yards and touchdown. He wasn’t in a single one of my lineups. I said Terrelle Pryor was the only option in Cleveland and he was cheap. 8-144, a rushing touchdown and 35 passing yards. And guess what? Not in a single one of my lineups. What the hell am I doing here? I think The Commish is going to revoke my privileges here soon if I keep screwing this up.

And I won’t even get into the number of bad calls. Seriously, it’s like all of them.

But Week 4 is good for one thing. It literally changes the calendar. This weekend’s games are in October. Maybe that will bring me some good fortunes. I did win a couple bucks on Draftkings and a whole dollar on FanDuel, so I guess it’s not all it bad. It’s all in the double ups people!

I say again, this column is entertainment. If you read the opening, that previous sentence has never rang truer. So enjoy and maybe don’t enter a huge cash tournament on my advice. Seriously, stick to the kids’ table.

Remember to know what type of games you’re playing. With tournaments, you want to limit the number of potential high ownership players as possible. Otherwise, you get lumped up in bunches and the payout is potentially smaller. With cash games and 50/50s, those types of plays are okay. Get it? Good.

I’m going to go by position again and give you a few players I like with their values on FanDuel and DraftKings. Happy playing!


camnewtonsupermanCam Newton (FD $9300/DK $7800) – He’s my number one QB this week, so I’m starting him with Benjamin and/or Olsen. Build with confidence! If Brees can light up the Falcons defense, I firmly expect Newton to do the same.

Matthew Stafford (FD $8300/DK $7300) – Talk about your healthy stacks. I think I have one lineup a week with Stafford and Marvin Jones featured. You think the Bears are stopping them this week? Me neither.

Kirk Cousins (FD $7600/DK $6500) – If Ryan Tannehill can do well against this team, then so can Cousins! He looked like 2015 2nd half Cousins last week so I see no reason he’ll regress this week. Nice value to boot.

If you’re looking for cheap optionsBrian Hoyer (FD $6000/DK $5000) knows how to throw it. Over 300 and 2 TDs last week… Trevor Siemian (FD $7400/DK $5400) did well on the road against the Bengals and now gets the Bucs on the road. They’re 27th vs. opposing QBs in fantasy.


David Johnson (FD $8700/DK $7800) – The cream of the crop this week but he’s worth the price. He’s the only Cardinal worth a flier.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos

C.J. Anderson (FD $7900/DK $6500) – He bounces back after a rough week last week. Bucs are 25th vs. opposing RBs in fantasy. Gurley scored 2 TDs last week on them, and Anderson should be good for at least one.

Melvin Gordon (FD $7600/DK $6300) – He’s a bona fide insert in every lineup I make this week. He’s likely to have high ownership, so you should insert low ownerships around him. The Saints are just awful against the run.

If you’re looking for cheaper optionsMark Ingram (FD $6800/DK $5900) is relatively inexpensive this week. If he does what he did last week, he won’t remain that way for long… Charles Sims (FD $6500/DK $5600) will continue to see touches both as a rusher and receiver. The Broncos have been more forgiving vs. the run this year as opposed to last year… LeGarrette Blount (FD $7500/DK $5000) is a steal in DraftKings. Seriously. Like leaving your sober friend with the bar tab steal… Jordan Howard (FD $5600/DK $3700) has an okay matchup and will see a lot of work. Volume at an inexpensive price.


deandrehopkinsDeAndre Hopkins (FD $8600/DK $8400) – Best matchup among the elites. Lead your WR corps with him.

Marvin Jones (FD $7600/DK $7300) – I’m starting to sound like a broken record with him. But seriously, how can you go wrong with a Stafford/Jones stack?

Travis Benjamin (FD $6600/DK $5900) – He’s the number one target on a team that will throw on a shoddy defense. What am I missing?

Michael Crabtree (FD $6500/DK $6400) – I think he’s the number one option on the Raiders. And because I just typed that, Cooper with have the better day. Still, he’s consistent and great value. Can’t argue with that point.

If you’re looking for cheaper options Michael Thomas (FD $5300/DK $3800) got me some nice points on Monday in a lineup. I don’t feel that Cooks will have a good game and Thomas has been fairly consistent. He’s a good value if you want to load up on the elite… Terrelle Pryor (FD $7000/DK $4300) is no longer cheap on FanDuel. So get him in your lineup on DraftKings!… Cole Beasley (FD $5200/DK $3900) is in for an increased workload with Bryant on the mend, and we know Prescott looks for him often already… Adam Humphries (FD $5000/DK $3000) continues to produce and the Broncos will make Evans work. He could be sneaky value.


dennispittaGreg Olsen (FD $7900/DK $6000) – If you have Cam Newton, Olsen shouldn’t be more than a click away.

Jimmy Graham (FD $6400/DK $4000) – Call me crazy, but are we seeing the reemergence of Jimmy Graham? Russell Wilson on a bum knee will look for him. I’m double dipping here.

If you’re looking for cheaper optionsCoby Fleener (FD $5400/DK $3200) and his awful start caused his price to fall. Pounce before it goes back up!… Dennis Pitta (FD $5400/DK $3900) is really cheap. You could do worse than a Flacco/Pitta stack in a tournament… Zach Miller (FD $5000/DL $2700) found his form and now gets the Lions, who love letting tight ends run wild on them.


If I’m paying up for a defense this week, it’s the Texans (FD $4900/DK $3200)… If you’re a gambling man (or woman) and I’m guessing you are if you’re playing daily, the Jets (FD $4400/DK $2800) get a really gimpy Russell Wilson or a rookie at QB this week. That defensive line should be on point.

And now for the fun part. Or embarrassing part. I’m still deciding on the right adjective. The Commish vs. The Hudsonian. Once again, The Commish takes the cake, 118.94 to 116. I swear, even if I lose, I’m making him write this column because it’s my game so I make up the rules. Again, this is FanDuel pricing and scoring. To the board!

The Hudsonian Position The Commish
Matthew Stafford ($8300) QB Kirk Cousins ($7600)
Melvin Gordon ($7600) RB Jordan Howard ($5600)
Mark Ingram ($6800) RB Melvin Gordon ($7600)
Marvin Jones ($7600) WR Julio Jones ($8500)
DeAndre Hopkins ($8600) WR Kelvin Benjamin ($7700)
Cole Beasley ($5200) WR Travis Benjamin ($6600)
Jimmy Graham ($6400) TE Jordan Reed ($7500)
Dustin Hopkins ($4500) K Dustin Hopkins ($4500)
Texans ($4900) D/ST Jets ($4400)