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Club Fantasy – How to Lose Money Playing Daily Fantasy Football – 2016 Week 3


By The Hudsonian, Joshua Hudson

It only 2 weeks to live up to the name of this post. I did it Ma! I made it! Not really, since I won nothing. But hey, it’s all in good fun, right?

Wrong. I hate losing. Hate it. But for the sake of this column, I lose so you don’t. Hopefully. Or something to that affect.

This column is pure entertainment. Take my advice at your wallet’s risk. Seriously. Don’t curse at me if you lose money. But in case you want to, you can reach me @clubfantasyffl on Twitter. It never hurts to have followers or comments.

Enough banter that is only witty in my head. Week 3 is upon us and there are some nice match-ups this week, and some you’ll likely want to run for the hills from. Vikings-Panthers? I’m likely staying away from that game. But if you got a bigger set of brass ones on you than I do, take a shot with Benjamin (FD $7800/DK $7200). No one has stopped him yet so why should the Vikings be the first to do so?

Remember to know why type of games you’re playing in. With tournaments, you want to limit the number of potential high ownership players as possible. Otherwise, you get lumped up in bunches and the payout is potentially smaller. With cash games and 50/50s, those types of plays are okay. Get it? Good.

I’m going to go by position again and give you a few players I like with their values on FanDuel and DraftKings. Happy playing!


Aaron Rodgers (FD $8900/DK $7700) – Everyone saw his atrocious performance last week against the Vikings on the road, yes? Well he’s back home against the Lions and I think he wants to prove the skeptics wrong. He’s not fading or past his prime. He’s still good and so are his wide receivers.

Ben Roethlisberger (FD $8400/DK 7300) – The Eagles D has played to start the season, but they’ve also played Robert Griffin III and Jay Cutler/Brian Hoyer. Kinda thinking this week is a little different.

Phillip Rivers (FD $8000/DK $6700) – Only 6700 on DraftKings? Get out of here! Sign me up for that value! I’ll be having a lineup or two with some heavy Chargers stacks.

If you’re looking for cheap optionsMarcus Mariota (FD $7700/DK $5900) plays a Raiders team which is getting torched by QBs this season. Maybe Titans coach Mike Mularky takes the reigns off Mariota for a game… Ryan Tannehill (FD $7400/DK $6200) gets the Browns at home. He looked good in garbage time last week leading an unsuccessful comeback vs. the Patriots. Maybe he’s starting to click with HC Adam Gase and the reigns come off this week with a suspect running game.


DeMarco Murray (FD $7700/DK $6300) – Well, the Raiders give up a lot of points to running backs. Murray has been doing it rushing and receiving. And at $6300 on DraftKings? You can load up at WR in a big way.

Matt Forte (FD $7500 / DK $7000) – I mean, when a horse rides well, you ride him until he stops, right? He’s my number 2 back this week and he’s 8th on FanDuel and 5th on DraftKings. You could do way worse.

Melvin Gordon (FD $7100/DK $5800) – Did I mention I like the Chargers offense this week? I guess I’ll repeat myself. I like the Chargers offense this week. Also, the Colts give up the most points to running backs in fantasy. True story. And no Danny Woodhead to take away touches? Yep. All in on Gordon this week. And those prices! Mm. Okay I’m done.

If you’re looking for cheap optionsTheo Riddick (FD $6400/DK $4900) is just highway robbery. With no Ameer Abdullah, the Lions will try to run but it’s going to be an air show. And Riddick is arguably the most efficient pass-catching running back in the NFL. Better in DraftKings as they award a full point per reception, but good in FanDuel also… Charles Sims (FD $6300/DK $4900) is starting in place of Doug Martin. The Rams are good up front, so I’m banking mostly on high usage here… Tevin Coleman (FD $6400/DK $4500) has been outperforming Devonta Freeman (FD $7400/DK $5800). Looking at those prices, tell me who you’d rather have?


Antonio Brown (FD $9500/DK $9600) – He doesn’t put up two stinkers in a row. I mentioned I like Roethlisberger, right?

Julio Jones (FD $9300/DK $9500) – On a Monday night, on turf, a division game – would you bet against him? Worth the price.

Brandin Cooks (FD $8100/DK $7900) and Willie Snead (FD $7500/DK $6500) – It’s a wide receivers world and we’re just living in it.

Larry Fitzgerald (FD $7600/DK $6900) – This just feels like Grand Theft. Against the Bills? Like taking candy from a baby.

Jarvis Landry (FD $7000/DK $6600) – It’s Cleveland guys. Cleveland. Seriously.

If you’re looking for cheap optionsTravis Benjamin (FD $6900/DK $5200) is my #5 WR this week. And he’s this cheap?! If there were three of him, I’d start them all… Mike Wallace (FD $6500/DK $5000) has caught 3 TDs in 2 games. I wouldn’t put it past him to catch a 4th… Tyrell Williams (FD $6100/DK $4300) is also playing in the Chargers-Colts game. Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean you can’t play him… Terrelle Pryor (FD $5800/DK $3400) just became the #1 target in Cleveland. I said “cheap options” people. He’s cheap.


Delanie Walker (FD $6900/DK $5000) – My #1 TE this week. Raiders still aren’t good at covering TEs. An early christmas present from me to you.

Jason Witten (FD $6000/DK $4300) – He’s my #2 TE and for this price, he ends up here. I’m telling you, rookies love TEs. You saw what Trey Burton, the Eagles #3 TE did to the Bears last week, right?

If you’re looking for cheap optionsJimmy Graham (FD $5200/DK $3000) could see a lot of work with Baldwin and Lockett banged up… Trey Burton (FD $4500/DK $2500) did well filling for Zach Ertz last week. He’ll do so again this week and covering TEs is what the Steelers struggle most against… Hunter Henry (FD $4500/DK $2500) is a long shot but Gates is banged up and they play the Colts. How bold are you?


Seahawks (FD $5400/DK $4100) are the cream of the crop so if you want to pay for them, they’ll likely reward you… The Dolphins (FD $4600/DK $3000) burned me last week, but they get a redo against the Browns.

And of course, the fun part. The Hudsonian vs. The Commish. He beat me last week, 94.72 to 91.76. That must be why I’m writing this column this week. Totally not what I had in mind. Just like all of you, I get a new week to flex my Daily muscles. Again, this is FanDuel pricing and scoring. To the board!

The Hudsonian

Matt Ryan ($8500)



The Commish

Drew Brees ($9000)

Melvin Gordon ($7100)


DeAngelo Williams ($8800)

Mark Ingram ($6900)


David Johnson ($8400)

Julio Jones ($9300)


Travis Benjamin ($6900)

Antonio Brown ($9500)


Victor Cruz ($5800)

Michael Thomas ($5200)


Jarvis Landry ($7000)

Trey Burton ($4500)


Dennis Pitta ($5000)

Wil Lutz ($4500)


Ryan Succop ($4500)

Bucs D/ST ($4500)


Bucs D/ST ($4500)