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Official Name Change – Now Known as Club Fantasy


By The Commish

Name change! We are now known as Club Fantasy – where you get VIP fantasy football advice for free. You don’t have to pay us to get “insider” information. If you listened to our free podcast and read our free posts this offseason, you knew going into your draft that Matt Forte, DeMarco Murray and Larry Fitzgerald would provide great value because almost everyone was ignoring them. You also knew how deep the QB position was and hopefully waited until later in your drafts to pick up solid quarterbacks like Eli Manning, Andy Dalton and Matthew Stafford. Did we mention it was free? Yeah, it’s free.

Plus, we gave you some tips on how to make your league more exciting.  You got perspective from some of our own league members on how our league keeps everyone engaged throughout the entire year, not just from August to December. And you got to meet Richey, a genuinely funny guy, and his alter ego Odee who will give you some interesting predictions throughout the year in a style only he can provide.

As always we appreciate your listening and reading.