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Club Fantasy – How to Lose Money Playing Daily Fantasy Football – 2016 Week 1


By The Hudsonian, Joshua Hudson

The appeal of Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, is all in the rush. Season-long leagues are like girlfriends. They’re a long-term commitment – safety in the numbers – and while fights may be annoying (a loss for comparison), they can be overcome.

DFS though is like buying a hooker in Vegas or a weekend visit to the Skrip Club (see what I did there?). It’s a one and done transaction. If you don’t like it, don’t come back. If you do because you have a fear of commitment, the endless cycle of hook-ups provide a challenge to keep the string going.

Probably not the opening you saw coming, right?

But in a nutshell, that’s what DFS is. In this column, I want to have fun with talking about Daily. I’ve played and it’s fun, but the logic is more advanced than season-long. Some people have the time to bury their face into it – think people that make their living at gambling or live on commission-based jobs – while others prefer security, hence the girlfriend analogy.

HTLMPDFF will hopefully be entertaining. And you know what? If you take my advice and manage to win some money doing it, you can’t tell me you aren’t getting your money’s worth.

Below is one of my lineups submitted to FanDuel with a cap of $60,000. No FLEX and they add a Kicker. But study the value distributions. I want skill guys who can go nuts and a flier on a QB with a good matchup.carsonwentz

QB – Carson Wentz ($5000)

RB – Mark Ingram ($7300)

RB – Lamar Miller ($7600)

WR – Mike Evans ($7900)
WR – Randall Cobb ($7200)

zachertzWR – Antonio Brown ($9300)

TE – Zach Ertz ($5700)

K – Roberto Aguayo ($4500)

D/ST – Rams ($4500)

Wentz is going against the Browns (awful defense) and he was the cheapest possible. That led to my mini stack with Ertz. Browns did okay covering TEs last year, but TEs are a young QBs’ safety net. Seemed like a no brainer and one that may not be all that common.

I go cheap at Kicker and the best cheap defense with the best matchup. That gave me enough to spend at RB and WR for top options with good matchups. Also to note: FanDuel provides a half point per reception.

Get the idea? Some of these guys may be highly owned. It makes sense. They have good matchups and are top options most weeks. This style of lineup isn’t likely to be a big winner in a tournament, as many people will have many of these guys as well. This style might play well in a 50/50 or a cash game.

derekcarrWant a DraftKings lineup? I thought you’d never ask. Cap is $50,000.

QB – Derek Carr ($7300)

RB – Lamar Miller ($7000)

RB – Spencer Ware ($4400)

michaelcrabtreeWR – Travis Benjamin ($4100)

WR – Julio Jones ($9400)

WR – Michael Thomas ($4000)

TE – Jason Witten ($4100)

FLEX – Michael Crabtree ($5500)

D/ST – Eagles ($3300)

Less studs within the skill spots, but you want to have some with great matchups, as they’ll likely carry your team. Someone like Benjamin or Thomas are your home run threats. Thomas is expected to be a big red zone target for the Saints. Maybe he gets a TD or two. Ware is an expected starter with a cheap price. Because of this though, he’s likely to be highly owned. Witten has a young QB and has played well vs. the Giants and should see a good amount of targets. Also to note: DraftKings offers a full point per reception.

This style lineup could do okay in a tournament or head-to-head. But I chose it so you know it will suck.

Want some other options I like for you DFS lineups? Check below with prices from FanDuel (first) and DraftKings (second)

QB Drew Bress ($8700/$8100), QB Derek Carr ($7700/$7300), QB Matthew Stafford ($7400/$7200), RB Todd Gurley ($8900/$7800), RB Adrian Peterson ($8200/$7600), RB Latavius Murray ($6600/$5600), RB Spencer Ware ($5400/$4400), RB James White ($4900/$3600), WR Julio Jones ($9000/$9400), WR Keenan Allen ($7400/$8000), WR Sammy Watkins ($7300/$6900), WR Donte Moncrief ($6200/$6000) WR Michael Crabtree ($6100/$5500), WR Marvin Jones ($5500/$4600), WR Tyler Boyd ($5600/$3600) WR Terrelle Pryor ($4900/$3000), TE Zach Ertz ($5700/$4300) TE Jason Witten ($5500/$4100), D/ST Eagles ($4800/$3300)

Good luck everyone!