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Not Exactly Water Under the Bridge


By The Hudsonian, Joshua Hudson with contributions from Brent Watterson, PTA, SFMAC

Teddy Bridgewater, quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, suffered a severe knee injury on Tuesday – a dislocation of his left knee and a complete tear of his ACL. Before we get into how much this affects the Vikings going forward, a quick word from our resident medical expert, Brent Watterson, PTA, SFMAC:

“For a standard ACL tear with no other structural damage, you’re looking at approximately 3 months before he will be allowed to do a light jog or perform even the lightest plyometric exercises. Typically, at the 6-7 month mark, an athlete can begin to incorporate more intense modes of exercise, while at the 8-9 month mark, practice making cuts while running and more sport specific exercises. At 12 months out, most high-level athletes are cleared to return to play.

“(T)he biggest issue for Bridgewater will be what other damage was done to the knee. This will typically slow the process down and could have potential ramifications as to what type of return he can even make. He will have the distinct advantage of going to some of the best surgeons and physical therapists in the world and having all day, every day to focus on his recovery. This will afford him the best possible chance to regain nearly everything he has just lost.

“He’s done for this season, but… he should be back in full force in a year’s time.”

Yeah, we have an expert. So there’s the breakdown. He gone!, as we say often during our Skrip Club drafts. You likely weren’t drafting Bridgewater this season, but with some progression in his game – and the addition of rookie WR Laquon Treadwell was designed to further his progression – he maybe had some value in deeper leagues with dynasty or keeper formats.TeddyBridgewater

So how will new QB Shaun Hill help or hinder the rest of the team? Let’s start with Adrian Peterson. He was already the bell cow. This offense was built around his ability to run the football and run it with authority. That’s not going to change. If anything, it just became clear that Peterson is going to have every opportunity to challenge for 2,000 yards again.

Yes, you read that right.

I do think this gives Head Coach Mike Zimmer room to utilize backup RB Jerrick McKinnon some more to ease up on the 31year-old Peterson, but let’s be honest, Peterson is getting the ball and getting it a ton. He moves closer to the number one running back, even in PPR leagues like yours and mine. He’ll be running it that much.

But what about the wide receivers? Stefon Diggs broke out last year to show he can be a welcome addition to this team. And the Vikings spent their 1st round pick this year on WR Laquon Treadwell to further bolster their receiving corp. With a veteran like Shaun Hill, Diggs takes the biggest hit in my opinion. His game is more over the top and stretching the field, 10 yards or more down the field. Treadwell is going to be the underneath, move the sticks WR. I think Hill will lean on that more than Diggs’ big play potential. For now, I’m not moving either up or down. Treadwell needs to learn to separate from NFL corners, and you’re likely drafting Diggs after the 9th or 10th round anyway.

Get well soon Teddy.