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2016 Club Fantasy – Fantasy Football Preseason QB Rankings


By The Hudsonian, Joshua Hudson

I always ask myself a few questions when I start to think about whom I want to draft when the time comes: How early is too early for a player? Does someone else like him as much as I do? How much will last year’s stats sway my decision? How likely is the player to replicate or surpass those stats?

You get the idea.

I have never compiled my own rankings list before. But one thing I know, it is daunting. So many numbers, so many possible outcomes. It’s no wonder I have always left this to the “pros.” But when you want to break into the business, nothing is off the table.

So here I am, ranking quarterbacks. Drumroll please.

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Cam Newton
  3. Russell Wilson
  4. Drew Brees
  5. Andrew Luck
  6. Ben Roethlisberger
  7. Eli Manning
  8. Carson Palmer
  9. Blake Bortles
  10. Tom Brady
  11. Matthew Stafford
  12. Derek Carr
  13. Tyrod Taylor
  14. Phillip Rivers
  15. Jameis Winston
  16. Andy Dalton
  17. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  18. Brock Osweiler
  19. Marcus Mariota
  20. Kirk Cousins
  21. Ryan Tannehill
  22. Matt Ryan
  23. Joe Flacco
  24. Alex Smith
  25. Jay Cutler
  26. Sam Bradford
  27. Robert Griffin III
  28. Tony Romo
  29. Trevor Siemian
  30. Blaine Gabbert
  31. Dak Prescott
  32. Josh McCown
  33. Case Keenum
  34. Carson Wentz
  35. Colin Kaepernick
  36. Geno Smith
  37. Jimmy Garapolo
  38. Jared Goff