2022 Week One Guests

Jen Piacenti works for Sports Illustrated and has a radio show on SiriusXM. Formerly of Fantasy Alarm.

Samantha Previte currently works for The Action Network. Formerly of the New York Post.

This Week's Raffles

For the third year in a row, we’re raffling off signed memorabilia in an effort to support causes that promote women in sports. This year, we’re proud to partner with GALvanize, an organization led by FOX Sports reporter Laura Okmin.

Each raffle ticket is $5, and you’re free to purchase as many as you’d like! 100% of the proceeds will go into the WOFF/GALvanize scholarship fund, which will help cover the fees for a number of women to attend one of the GALvanize boot camps in the summer of 2023! Click the image on the left or HERE to purchase your tickets!

Not interested in the memorabilia? We have an open donation link as well for those that just want support a good cause! We’ve raised over $3,800 the last two years in support of women in sports, and we’re determined to continue our support through a great organization like GALvanize! Help us reach our goal of $3,000 this year!


The Hosts

Faith Enes (left) is the co-founder of WOFF and has been hosting our event show since its inception. Kelly Singh (right) is the first contributor under the WOFF brand and Faith’s new co-host.

WOFF Episodes

WOFF & GALvanize Partnership

When Joshua Hudson started Club Fanatsy FFL, it was just two people talking about their love of fantasy football. Fast forward six years, it’s become more than just a team of content creators who love football — it’s become a family who loves and respects on another. Love and respect are the pillars with which Women of Fantasy Football was founded.

Fantasy Football should be inclusive to women. More importantly, it should be inclusive to everyone. But the simple fact is, it isn’t. Women of Fantasy Football — WOFF, affectionately — sought to open people’s minds and change the game. And with the help of Faith Enes, they’re well on their way to doing that.

But every movement needs an equally motivated partner. During last year’s Second Annual WOFF event, they were blessed with the opportunity to interview the amazingly inspiring Laura Okmin. She’s been a champion for women’s inclusion in the world of sports for decades, and her work through her organization, GALvanize, personifies that.

Today marks a day when like-minded forces combine their efforts to make Fantasy Football and the world of sports a more inclusive environment for women. And that is the bottom line of the GALvanize mission statement — to teach and mentor women to thrive while turning the so-called “competition” into allies.

Women of Fantasy Football and GALvanize are partnering to continue putting women in a position to grow in this industry and become the new faces and voices of your favorite sports. The money raised during the Annual WOFF event will enhance the efforts of GALvanize in providing women the opportunities they weren’t previously afforded.

So stay tuned. Women of Fantasy Football is GALvanizing, and we won’t be stopped 🙂