QB Rankings

You want fantasy football rankings? We have fantasy football rankings!

Below are the 2021 Quarterback Rankings for Josh Hudson, Ryan Weisse, Chris Molina, and Zach Smith (You can click our names to follow us on Twitter!)

Our rankings are based on full PPR (point-per-reception) and 6 points per passing touchdown.

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 Josh Ryan Chris Zach
1Patrick Mahomes1Kyler Murray1Josh Allen1Josh Allen
2Kyler Murray2Josh Allen2Kyler Murray2Patrick Mahomes
3Josh Allen3Patrick Mahomes3Lamar Jackson3Kyler Murray
4Lamar Jackson4Lamar Jackson4Patrick Mahomes4Lamar Jackson
5Russell Wilson5Russell Wilson5Aaron Rodgers5Russell Wilson
6Tom Brady6Ryan Tannehill6Tom Brady6Aaron Rodgers
7Justin Herbert7Justin Herbert7Russell Wilson7Justin Herbert
8Dak Prescott8Tom Brady8Dak Prescott8Dak Prescott
9Ryan Tannehill9Dak Prescott9Ryan Tannehill9Ryan Tannehill
10Aaron Rodgers10Aaron Rodgers10Justin Herbert10Jalen Hurts
11Jalen Hurts11Jalen Hurts11Matt Stafford11Tom Brady
12Joe Burrow12Matt Stafford12Jalen Hurts12Joe Burrow
13Matthew Stafford13Ben Roethlisberger13Ben Roethlisberger13Baker Mayfield
14Matt Ryan14Joe Burrow14Derek Carr14Justin Fields
15(R) Justin Fields15Tua Tagovailoa15Baker Mayfield15Trey Lance
16Baker Mayfield16Baker Mayfield16Joe Burrow16Matthew Stafford
17Tua Tagovailoa17Matt Ryan17Ryan Fitzpatrick17Kirk Cousins
18Jameis Winston18Kirk Cousins18Matt Ryan18Jameis Winston
19Kirk Cousins19Sam Darnold19Kirk Cousins19Tua Tagovailoa
20Trevor Lawrence20Derek Carr20Trevor Lawrence20Matt Ryan
21Ben Roethlisberger21Daniel Jones21Daniel Jones21Sam Darnold
22Carson Wentz22Ryan Fitzpatrick22Jared Goff22Trevor Lawrence
23Daniel Jones23Mac Jones23Zach Wilson23Teddy Bridgewater
24Derek Carr24Zach Wilson24Mac Jones24Ben Roethlisberger
25(R) Mac Jones25Jameis Winston25Tua Tagovailoa25Ryan Fitzpatrick
26Jared Goff26Trevor Lawrence26Justin Fields26Mac Jones
27(R) Zach Wilson27Carson Wentz27Sam Darnold27Zach Wilson
28Ryan Fitzpatrick28Justin Fields28Jameis Winston28Jimmy Garoppolo
29Sam Darnold29Jared Goff29Tyrod Taylor29Andy Dalton
30Teddy Bridgewater30Tyrod Taylor30Trey Lance30Deshaun Watson