League Settings

At Club Fantasy, we give you rankings and predictions that we hope lead you to fantasy glory by season’s end. Disclaimer: we may not use the same settings as you in your respective leagues. We don’t subscribe to “standard” scoring. That bores us and quite frankly, you can find those anywhere. Our rankings are based around our home league, the Skrip Club.

We use points per reception in our scoring, as well as some select bonuses to those who go above and beyond in their performances for you. If you try these out, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

That said, when we write out our rankings and predictions and advice, we do so with these settings in mind. If you don’t use these settings, or at least similar ones, you may not want to use us as your bible. But if you enjoy our work, try these out, let us know what you think of us, and tell your friends. We want to be your go-to for fantasy football advice and we’ll do what we can to achieve that goal!

Below are our settings:

Club Fantasy Settings
Size 16
Starters 9
Bench 7 (1 IR)
QB 1
RB 1
WR 2
TE 1
D/ST 1
K 1
Bench 7
IR 1
Passing Points
Pass Yards 0.04
TD Pass 6
50+ yard TD Pass Bonus 2
INT -2
2pt Passing Conversion 2
400+ yd passing game 3
Rushing Points
Rush Yards 0.1
TD Rush 6
50+ yard TD Rush Bonus 2
2pt Rushing Conversion 2
100-199 yard rushing game 2
200+ yard rushing game 3
Receiving Points
Receiving Yards 0.1
Each Reception 1
TD Reception 6
50+ yard TD Rec Bonus 2
2pt Rec Conversion 2
200+ yard Rec Game 3
Miscellaneous Points
Kickoff Return TD 6
Punt Return TD 6
Fumble Recovered for TD 6
Total Fumbles Lost -2
INT Return TD 6
Fumble Return TD 6
Blocked Punt or FG Return for TD 6
Kicking Points
PAT Made 1
PAT Missed -3
FG Made 0-39 Yards 3
FG Made 40-49 Yards 4
FG Made 50+ Yards 5
FG Missed 0-39 Yards -3
FG Missed 40-49 Yards -2
FG Missed 50+ Yards -1
Team D/ST Points
Each Sack 2
INT Return TD 6
Fumble Return TD 6
Kickoff Return TD 6
Punt Return TD 6
Blocked Punt or FG Return TD 6
Blocked Punt, PAT or FG 2
Each INT 2
Each Fumble Recovery 2
Each Forced Fumble 1
Each Safety 2
0 Points Allowed 10
1-6 Points Allowed 7
7-13 Points Allowed 4
14-17 Points Allowed 3
18-21 Points Allowed 1
22-27 Points Allowed 0
28-34 Points Allowed -3
35-45 Points Allowed -5
46+ Points Allowed -7