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Below are the 2020 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings from Club Fantasy! You can use the links to navigate to RB, WR, or TE.

As far as scoring goes, we don’t mess around with standard scoring at Club Fantasy. Our rankings are PPR (point-per-reception) and 6 points per passing touchdown.

All rankings are sortable, so you can click Consensus to see our averages or sort them by Josh, Ryan, or Chris’s rankings, whoever happens to be your favorite. They will be updated throughout the offseason, so check back periodically.

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2020 QB Rankings

Patrick Mahomes1.33121
Lamar Jackson1.67212
Dak Prescott3333
Deshaun Watson4.67464
Russell Wilson5.33547
Kyler Murray5.33655
Carson Wentz9.6771111
Matt Ryan10.3381013
Josh Allen7.33976
Drew Brees91098
Tom Brady10.3311812
Aaron Rodgers12.67121610
Daniel Jones11.3313129
Kirk Cousins18141921
Ryan Tannehill20.67152720
Jared Goff14.67161315
Ben Roethlisberger20.67172025
Matt Stafford16.33181714
Gardner Minshew17191517
Philip Rivers23.67202922
Baker Mayfield19.33211819
Cam Newton17.33221416
Ryan Fitzpatrick27.33233227
Drew Lock21.33242218
Jimmy Garoppolo23.67252323
Joe Burrow25.33262426
Derek Carr25.33272128
Sam Darnold27.67282629
Teddy Bridgewater26292524
Justin Herbert31.67303431
Mitch Trubisky31.67313133
Dwayne Haskins30322830
Tyrod Taylor32.67333035
Taysom Hill34.67343634
Nick Foles34353532
Kyle Allen40.33364243
Marcus Mariota37373836
PJ Walker40.33384340
Jalen Hurts38.33393937
Jarrett Stidham40.67404141
Jameis Winston40413742
Tua Togavailoa37.67423338
Brain Hoyer42434439
Jacoby Brissett42.6744

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